Listening to the Past From The Future

For several months now I have been in the process of shedding all things unneeded, unnecessary, and extraneous from my life. To that end, I did a bit of research and found an object that even as a devoted reader of SF would never have dreamed of. I am now the proud owner of a turntable that hooks directly into my laptop and can now digitize all those moldering LPs, 45s, and yes, Virginia, even the 78s that are gathering dust in my closet.

As I do this I am reliving moments of my former selves, snapshots of time past.  And when I am done I will have all of my musical library on a device not much larger than a cigarette pack. We’re talking about hundreds and hundreds of vinyl dinosaurs here, people, that I can send out into the wild and out of my house.

And this is today.  What will tomorrow bring? Will I in the not too distant future go back to school and not pay tuition because I will have all the greatest academic libraries on my yet to be invented device?  Will I be able to carry around the Library of Congress in my shirt pocket?  And just what will I do with all this information when I have it in one convenient package?

When I was a kid I read SF and dreamed about how cool the world could be someday. But I never really thought I would be living in the future. I can’t wait to see what happens next…


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