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Greetings, all you readers in readerland!

 I’m here to cover “gaming” as a subject, broadly enough construed to cover roleplaying games (my particular field of expertise), computer games, board games, and so forth and so on. In some cases I’ll know something about the topic and have an opinion to express; in others I’ll be reporting the results of my going and talking to someone who knows something about it, and on occasion I will no doubt hold forth in glorious ignorance, because opinions are what blogging is all about.

 I think that play in all its various manifestations is very important to a well-balanced life. We all have a lot of responsibilities – just being a decent person in your daily life can be a lot of draining effort sometimes. In playtime we get to set aside a whole lot of that and focus on just what’s fun for us and the people we’re playing with. People who don’t get any opportunities (or don’t make any) to set their burdens down have a habit of breaking; it’s in the moments of relaxation that we get our selves back. One of my running concerns will be what we can know about what makes playtime more or less relaxing, and what we can do with what we know.

It’s an interesting summer in the gaming world, with a new edition of Dungeons and Dragons, buzz in the World of Warcraft world about the upcoming expansion, some new MMOs (massively multiplayer online games) finding (or not finding) their audiences, and this, that, and the other. If there’s a subject you’d like covered, please feel free to mention it in comments.



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