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June 6 2014

Wolfsbane (Excerpt)

Gillian Philip
June 4 2014

When We Wake (Excerpt)

Karen Healey
June 4 2014

Gorgon (Excerpt)

Greig Beck
June 2 2014

Hurricane Fever (Excerpt)

Tobias Buckell
June 2 2014

Traitor’s Blade (Excerpt)

Sebastien de Castell
May 27 2014

Chasers of the Wind (Excerpt)

Alexey Pehov
May 23 2014

The Merchant Emperor

Elizabeth Haydon
May 22 2014

Child of a Hidden Sea (Excerpt)

A.M. Dellamonica
May 22 2014

Koko Takes a Holiday (Excerpt)

Kieran Shea
May 20 2014

The Queen of the Tearling (Excerpt)

Erika Johansen
May 19 2014

The Mirror Empire (Excerpt)

Kameron Hurley
May 15 2014

The Enceladus Crisis (Excerpt)

Michael J. Martinez
May 14 2014

The Milkman (Excerpt)

Michael J. Martineck
May 14 2014

“Wrecking Party” (Excerpt)

Alastair Reynolds
May 8 2014

A Barricade in Hell (Excerpt)

Jaime Lee Moyer
May 6 2014

The Redemption Engine (Excerpt)

James L. Sutter
May 2 2014

Artemis Awakening (Excerpt)

Jane Lindskold
May 1 2014

The Leopard (Excerpt)

K.V. Johansen
April 30 2014

Rogue Code (Excerpt)

Mark Russinovich