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January 23 2015

Shadow (Excerpt)

Will Elliott
January 19 2015

Beyond Redemption Excerpt and Cover Reveal

Michael R. Fletcher
January 16 2015

Fortune’s Blight (Excerpt)

Evie Manieri
January 15 2015

Finn Fancy Necromancy (Excerpt)

Randy Henderson
January 14 2015

The Glass Arrow (Excerpt)

Kristen Simmons
January 9 2015

Uprooted (Excerpt)

Naomi Novik
January 9 2015

Red Equinox (Excerpt)

Douglas Wynne
January 7 2015

Inside a Silver Box (Excerpt)

Walter Mosley
January 6 2015

Three (Excerpt)

Kristen Simmons
December 19 2014

The Book of Storms (Excerpt)

Ruth Hatfield
December 18 2014

Unbreakable (Excerpt)

W.C. Bauers
December 16 2014

“The Maiden in the Ice” (Excerpt)

Angela Slatter
December 12 2014

Briar Queen (Excerpt)

Katherine Harbour
December 11 2014

Mort(e) (Excerpt)

Robert Repino
December 8 2014

Book of the Dead (Excerpt)

Greig Beck
December 5 2014

The Globe (Excerpt)

Terry Pratchett
December 4 2014

The Female Factory (Excerpt)

Lisa L Hannett and Angela Slatter
December 3 2014

The Blood of Angels (Excerpt)

Johanna Sinisalo
December 2 2014

The Genome (Excerpt)

Sergei Lukyanenko
November 30 2014

The Providence of Fire: Chapter Six (Excerpt)

Brian Staveley
November 29 2014

The Providence of Fire: Chapter Five (Excerpt)

Brian Staveley
November 28 2014

The Providence of Fire: Chapter Four (Excerpt)

Brian Staveley
November 26 2014

The Providence of Fire: Chapter Two (Excerpt)

Brian Staveley