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The following guidelines outline how to submit fiction or non-fiction articles/blog posts to If you’re interested in writing for or submitting your fiction for consideration, please read the following.

Original Short Fiction Submissions Guidelines
Novella Submissions Guidelines
Non-Fiction Submissions Guidelines

Last updated October 1, 2015 Original Short Fiction Submissions Guidelines

As of January 7, is closed to unsolicited short fiction submissions on an indefinite basis. Please check here for more information. Our readers and editors will respond to each story that has been submitted to us. If you have questions about the status of your story, or wish to withdraw your story from our consideration to submit it elsewhere, please email [email protected] BEFORE QUERYING, PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT WE ARE CURRENTLY READING SUBMISSIONS THAT WERE SUBMITTED BETWEEN SIX AND SEVEN MONTHS AGO. Novella Submissions is currently closed to unsolicited novella submissions.


WHAT WE’RE LOOKING FOR: The Imprint is looking for complete, original science fiction and fantasy stories of between 30,000 and 40,000 words. We are seeking stories with commercial appeal that take advantage of the particular strengths of the novella format. We will consider stories that are slightly shorter than 30,000 and slightly longer than 40,000, but we won’t look at anything under 17,500 words.

At this time, we are particularly seeking science fictional novellas of all varieties. Lee Harris is particularly interested in space opera, time travel thrillers and interesting new approaches to classic science fiction themes, while Carl Engle-Laird is seeking near-future science fiction and technothrillers that trace their lineage from cyberpunk and post-cyberpunk, as well as space operas with the sense of grandeur and mystery that remind readers of the closeness between space opera and fantasy. We will also be happy to accept fantasy and urban fantasy stories, though we will be prioritizing the reading of the SF submissions.

In addition, both Lee Harris and Carl Engle-Laird actively request submissions from writers from underrepresented populations. This includes, but is not limited to, writers of any race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, class and physical or mental ability. We believe that good science fiction and fantasy reflects the incredible diversity and potential of the human species, and hope our catalog will come to reflect that.


WHAT WE’RE NOT LOOKING FOR: does not accept works that have been previously published elsewhere, in any venue. This includes all forms of digital self-publishing.

We do not accept works that are not identifiable as fantasy or science fiction. This includes, but is not limited to, non-science-fictional thrillers, and all kinds of non-fiction and memoirs.

We are not currently interested in tie-in fiction. This includes fiction that exists within worlds established in previously published novels, or that relies upon a knowledge of previously published novels.

 We do not accept multiple submissions. If you have more than one novella, you may only submit one at a time. You may submit another once we have responded to your first submission.

We prefer that you not simultaneously submit your story to and other venues. If you do, however, and your novella is accepted by a different venue, please immediately withdraw your submission from

What we pay: We offer an advance against royalties, the size of which will depend on a number of factors, including you, the length of your story and how commercial we think it is. We also offer a royalty-only option, but if we decide to make you an offer, you will be free to choose between the two.

What rights does that give you? Our contract covers the right to publish the story in print, audio and ebook formats, worldwide, in English. Most of our print books will be published as p.o.d., though we may choose to publish other print editions.



Please submit your novellas through the form at Once you’ve registered there you can also use that portal to check the status of your submission. Non-Fiction Submissions Guidelines

What we’re looking for: We are most interested in pitches for essays, think pieces, list posts, reaction pieces, and reviews in the 1000-2000 word range. If possible, please include 2-3 writing samples and links to your published work on other sites.

We do not encourage articles on spec—please send us clear, thoroughly outlined pitches on specific topics. Suggested areas of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • YA literature
  • SF/Fantasy in translation (international SF/F)
  • Manga and Anime
  • Gaming
  • Internet/Geek culture
  • Science and technology

We are not currently interested in Q&A-style interviews, video blogging, Kickstarter projects, or promotional/marketing materials. If you are a publicist with a project that you think our readers will appreciate, please contact our Publicity Coordinator, Molly Templeton. is a publisher neutral fan community; we are pro-author and pro-fandom, and generally do our best to promote civil and respectful discourse about science fiction, fantasy, and related topics. This includes opinion pieces and reviews—in terms of tone, posts should be grounded in balanced, constructive criticism. Humor is, of course, welcome—mockery and ridicule are not. In the interest of promoting greater diversity within our community, we encourage submissions by writers of any race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, class, and ability, in the hopes that our site will provide an outlet for a rich variety of opinions, experiences, beliefs, and perspectives.

How to submit: Submissions should be emailed to (blogsubmissions)(at)( We’re a small staff, and the day to day running of the site keeps us pretty busy, so we may not be able to respond to your pitch immediately, but if we are able to accommodate extra content and your proposed article sounds like a good fit, we will try to do so within a two week period. Unfortunately, we are not currently in a position to respond to every submission, but we always appreciate hearing from potential bloggers, and may follow up on individual pitches at a later date.

If your pitch is accepted: We pay for original blog content—payment rates, paperwork, and invoicing details will be forwarded to you along with our posting instructions. Upon publication, contributors receive a byline, a short bio at the end of each published post, and are listed on the contributors roll.

A note on editing: We may request rewrites before publishing your post. We will not make significant edits or changes to an article’s content without permission, but please be aware that we may lightly edit your post for grammar, spelling, and general clarity, and/or change the title. We may also add in relevant links and images.




Comics: Sorry, we’re not considering new comics submissions at this time.

Visual Art: Irene Gallo is the art director of both Tor and If you want to make sure she’s aware of your work, please follow the guidelines for submitting art on the FAQ.

Questions for Tor Books: …are probably covered by the Tor/Forge FAQ. If not, you can try contacting them via their contact page.