Stories and comics first published elsewhere.

December 29 2011

Kitty’s Zombie New Year

Carrie Vaughn
Kitty's Zombie New Year by Carrie Vaughn
December 27 2011

The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
December 20 2011

Reading in Bed

Joan Aiken
Reading in Bed by Joan Aiken
December 8 2011


Caragh M. OBrien
Tortured by Caragh O'Brien
October 28 2011

Trading Hearts at the Half Kaffe Café

Charles de Lint
Trading Hearts at the Half Kaffe Café by Charles de Lint
October 26 2011


Cherie Priest
Wishbones by Cherie Priest
October 25 2011

The Dead

The Dead by Michael Swanwick
October 24 2011


James Morrow
Apologue by James Morrow
October 7 2011

The Ghost of Cwmlech Manor

Delia Sherman
The Ghost of Cwmlech Manor by Delia Sherman
September 27 2011

Specimen 313

Jeff Strand
Specimen 313 by Jeff Strand
September 13 2011

The Lake

Tananarive Due
The Lake by Tananarive Due
August 31 2011


Desmond Warzel
Wikihistory by Desmond Warzel
August 3 2011

Journey Into The Kingdom

M. Rickert
Journey Into The Kingdom by M. Rickert
June 27 2011

Ghost Girl Takes Manhattan

Carrie Vaughn
Ghost Girl Takes Manhattan by Carrie Vaughn
June 7 2011

The Rook

Melinda Snodgrass
Original story The Rook by Melinda Snodgrass from Wild Cards volume Fort Freak
May 31 2011

Nine-Tenths of the Law

Nine-Tenths of the Law, an original story by Jenna Black from the new anthology Chicks Kick Butt
May 5 2011

Shannon’s Law

Cory Doctorow
Shannon's Law by Cory Doctorow, an original short story from Welcome to Bordertown
April 13 2011

The Lunatics (Reprinted from Brave New Worlds)

Kim Stanley Robinson
A reprint of The Lunatics by Kim Stanley Robinson, released in dystopia collection Brave New Worlds
April 6 2011

Chicken Little

Chicken Little by Cory Doctorow as inspired by Frederik Pohl
February 10 2011

The Go-Slow

First published in the anthology The Way of the Wizard (Prime, 2010).
December 1 2010

The Man with the Knives

Ellen Kushner
Originally published by Temporary Culture as a limited edition chapbook in 2010.
November 23 2010

The Green Bird

Kage Baker
Originally published in the Jack Vance tribute anthology Songs of the Dying Earth.
September 14 2010

Good People

From the anthology The Living Dead 2, edited by John Joseph Adams
September 13 2010

Bitter Grounds

Previously appeared in the anthology Mojo: Conjure Stories, and in the collection Fragile Things
August 5 2010

Divided by Infinity

Originally published in Starlight 2, edited by Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Tor Books, 1998.
July 26 2010

Fangs for Hire

First published in The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance.
July 21 2010


Originally published in Unusual Suspects: Stories of Mystery and Fantasy, edited by Dana Stabenow, Ace Books, 2008.
July 12 2010

The Ghost of Leadville

First published in The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance 2
June 30 2010

Small Offerings

Previously published in the Lou Anders-edited Pyr anthology Fast Forward I and the limited edition of Pump Six, from Night Shade Books.