Original short fiction published on Tor.com

October 30 2013
All hail Ix'thor, tiny master of evil.
October 23 2013
Dating after Ragnarok.
October 16 2013
The Sea wants her back.
October 8 2013
C. J. Hill
There's something wrong on the Overdrake farm.
October 2 2013
Some things move slowly
October 1 2013
Rain? This close to an election?
September 25 2013
An original tale of the Incrementalists
September 24 2013
An all-new novella of the Laundry
September 18 2013
Can her lies keep her people free?
September 11 2013
The rumors called him west; his feet answered.
September 10 2013
Johannes Cabal's life is on the line.
September 4 2013
The Queen's business has stained his hands and soul.
August 28 2013
Cory Doctorow
A Little Brother story.
August 21 2013
Beware the Impoverished Sisterhood of the Stony Resurrection.
August 20 2013
It's been 297 days since he died.
August 7 2013
The old man and the U-boat.
July 31 2013
They call her a crazy mountain woman.
July 24 2013
Jeffrey Ford
She would not stop for death...
July 20 2013
Jeffrey Ford
Tor.com's second annual Rocket Story.
July 17 2013
When our present is fixed, how can we see a different future?
July 17 2013
Being a teen is hard enough without the alien symbiotes.
July 17 2013
There are kin and there are -kin.
July 17 2013
It's such a long way to fall.
July 17 2013
It’s a hope, a need, a shout, a shot in the dark.
July 10 2013
The sea called them, man and woman alike.
July 3 2013
The War is endless. It's time that's scarce.
June 26 2013
He found her photo among the missing and the dead.
June 19 2013
In America, they don't let you burn.
June 18 2013
The Syrena don't trust many humans.
June 12 2013
This is the story of a pet human and the slime mold who loves her.