Original short fiction published on Tor.com

February 19 2014

The Price Of Doing Business

An original thieftaker story
February 14 2014

The Tallest Doll in New York City

Happy Valentine's Day from Tor.com
February 5 2014

Mad Maudlin

Is she mad? Or something more?
February 4 2014

Space Ballet

Part of the Anderson Project
January 29 2014


Part of the Anderson Project.
January 28 2014

Bridge of Snow

In Arin's childhood there was still time to tell stories.
January 22 2014

The Cartography of Sudden Death

Time travel doesn't actually solve problems.
January 15 2014

Nighttime in Caeli-Amur

The shaking man haunts the Forum.
January 14 2014

The Intelligence Director

There has been a C9 breach. The subject has escaped.
January 1 2014

Ekaterina and the Firebird

The firebird's shadow can change a girl's life forever
December 18 2013

The Writ of Years

Few things can be as terrible as to get your heart's desire.
December 17 2013

The Christmas Show

Happy Holidays from Tor.com.
December 11 2013

Friedrich the Snow Man

God may be dead, but Snow God is alive.
December 4 2013

In the Greenwood

Every story has another side.
November 27 2013

House of Dreams

Do not trust what you see.
November 20 2013

Thirteen Steps in the Underworld

Every journey begins with a single step.
November 13 2013

Feature Development for Social Networking

A new phase in the software life cycle
November 6 2013

The Oregon Trail Diary of Willa Porter

Andy Marino
The rain is dense and rotten.
October 30 2013

Brimstone and Marmalade

All hail Ix'thor, tiny master of evil.
October 23 2013

Freeze Warning

Dating after Ragnarok.
October 16 2013

Come Back to the Sea

The Sea wants her back.
October 8 2013

Slayers: The Making of a Mentor

C. J. Hill
There's something wrong on the Overdrake farm.
October 2 2013

Wakulla Springs

Some things move slowly
October 1 2013

The Rain is a Lie

Rain? This close to an election?
September 25 2013

Fireworks in the Rain

An original tale of the Incrementalists
September 24 2013


An all-new novella of the Laundry
September 18 2013

Thief of War

Can her lies keep her people free?
September 11 2013

A Rumor of Angels

The rumors called him west; his feet answered.