Original short fiction published on Tor.com

May 9 2012
Some things happen whether or not you clap your hands.
July 20 2008

Hard SF || In a universe of harsh interstellar conflict, the practice of interspecies diplomacy -- when possible -- is important. So being a Colonial Union officer attached to an interplanetary diplomatic mission sometimes means taking a fall. Literally.

July 31 2013
They call her a crazy mountain woman.
December 12 2012
They come for you at 3 AM. That's how it starts.
February 15 2012
A.M. Dellamonica
Protect what is yours or yield to loyalty and expectation.
February 13 2013
The only thing Jeremy’s dad was ever good at was hunting angels.
March 26 2014
She and Death are kissing cousins.
May 3 2012
I am American. We are all Americans.
April 3 2013
Life might emerge under the most unlikely conditions...or in the last extremity.
April 12 2011
Peter Orullian
And at the center of the carnage, the last, best benediction to the battle of the round.
January 26 2011
Science Fiction || In Miho's world, nanos, plastic surgery, and robot girlfriends can fix just about anything -- or break it.
July 17 2013
It’s a hope, a need, a shout, a shot in the dark.
March 12 2013
The unspoken rule: Keep the chupacabras out.
January 28 2014
In Arin's childhood there was still time to tell stories.
October 30 2013
All hail Ix'thor, tiny master of evil.
July 12 2012
Love lives in that scar
April 17 2009
Near Future SF || The bugs eat metal and leave people and animals alone -- unless you crush one, and then they'll swarm and destroy everything they touch. When Kimball comes upon twelve-year-old Thayet, she's been stuck on a rock in a river of bugs for two days, no food, no water, and no way back.
June 19 2013
In America, they don't let you burn.
September 4 2013
The Queen's business has stained his hands and soul.
May 15 2013
An all-new Wild Cards story
August 1 2012
What was once buried was always meant to be found.
January 22 2014
Time travel doesn't actually solve problems.
July 14 2009
Fantasy || When a fire destroys her home and scatters her colony, Small Cat sets out to find the home of her ancestor, the Cat From the North, and to make her own name along the way.
October 1 2008

Present Fantasy || Lou has a magic box. It makes people do things they normally wouldn't. And Lou likes to watch.

August 7 2013
The old man and the U-boat.
July 11 2011
For David G. Hartwell, on his seventieth birthday
December 17 2013
Happy Holidays from Tor.com.
June 9 2009
Lovecraftian || Between the incessant music of the stars and the spectre of a giant squid caught inside a locket ball, it is difficult for Don Horacio to maintain a restful mind.
December 14 2011
Courteous guys, bulletproof dolls.