Original short fiction published on Tor.com

July 23 2014

Brisk Money

It's hard out there for a robotic detective.
July 16 2014

The Angelus Guns

There's a war in heaven, outside of time.
July 9 2014

Sleep Walking Now and Then

A tragedy in three acts.
July 2 2014

The Devil in the Details

A Peter Crossman adventure.
June 26 2014

Little Knife

A Ravkan folk tale.
June 25 2014

The Color of Paradox

A.M. Dellamonica
Ruin, spoil, or if necessary kill.
June 18 2014

Combustion Hour

This story is about the eschatology of shadow puppets.
June 11 2014

Chapter Six

At this point the argument is largely academic.
May 28 2014

The Insects of Love

Genevieve Valentine
Did she get the tattoo before she died, or after?
May 27 2014

Friends ’Til the End

BFFs - Blood Friends Forever.
May 21 2014

The Walking-Stick Forest

Walking sticks, grown to order.
May 20 2014

Island in a Sea of Stars

A story from the Saga of Shadows.
May 14 2014

The Litany of Earth

The state took Innsmouth from her
May 7 2014

Among the Thorns

Her father danced among the thorns.
May 6 2014

The Madonna of the Abattoir

The Arkham art scene is unprepared.
April 30 2014

The Mothers of Voorhisville

They are the mothers of monsters.
April 23 2014

The End of the End of Everything

How do you face ruin?
April 16 2014

Cold Wind

Old ways can outlast their usefulness.
April 15 2014

What Mario Scietto Says

An original Monument 14 story.
April 9 2014

Something Going Around

A tale of love and parasites.
April 2 2014

The Devil in America

The gold in her pockets is burning a hole.
March 26 2014

Anyway: Angie

She and Death are kissing cousins.
March 25 2014

Noma Girl

Elizabeth Fama
The Noma prey on Smudge and Ray alike.
March 18 2014


What other self hides inside him?
March 5 2014

The Ugly Woman of Castello di Putti

A.M. Dellamonica
A story from Stormwrack.
February 26 2014


Carry the message through the ages.
February 25 2014

Cold War

Search and rescue on a frozen world.