Chapters and excerpts from novels and graphic novels from various publishers

November 24 2014

The Providence of Fire: Prologue (Excerpt)

Brian Staveley
The Providence of Fire, the second volume in Brian Staveley's Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne, sees the heirs of the assassinated Emperor of Annur fighting one another as well as the forces that conspired against their father.
November 21 2014

Spoil the Kill (Excerpt)

Oisín McGann
In the future of Oisín McGann's Spoil the Kill (a prequel novella to Rat Runners) WatchWorld owns the city of London, tracking its inhabitants' every move with cameras, drones, and heat sensors.
November 14 2014

The Darkest Part of the Forest (Excerpt)

Holly Black
Hazel lives with her brother, Ben, in the strange town of Fairfold where humans and fae exist side by side. The faeries’ seemingly harmless magic attracts tourists, but Hazel knows how dangerous they can be, and she knows how to stop them. Or she did, once.
November 13 2014

The Collected Stories of Frank Herbert (Excerpt)

Frank Herbert
Frank Herbert: Collected Stories is the most complete collection of Herbert’s short fiction ever assembled. The collection contains thirty-seven stories originally published between 1952 and 1979, plus one story, “The Daddy Box,” that has never been appeared before.
November 12 2014

Sustenance (Excerpt)

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
in Chelsea Quinn Yarbro’s Sustenance, the vampire Count Saint-Germain protects Americans fleeing persecution—and becomes trapped in a web of betrayal, deceit, and murder in post-WWII Europe.
November 11 2014

Cold Hillside (Excerpt)

Nancy Baker
In the remote city of Lushan, they know that the Fey are not fireside tales, but a dangerous reality. Generations ago, the last remnants of a dying empire bargained with the Faerie Queen for a place of safety in the mountains and each year the ruler of Lushan must travel to the high plateau to pay the city’s tribute.
November 10 2014

A Head Full of Ghosts Excerpt and Cover Reveal

Paul G. Tremblay
Paul G. Tremblay’s chilling thriller A Head Full of Ghosts blends domestic drama, psychological suspense, and a touch of modern horror.
November 5 2014

Heritage of Cyador (Excerpt)

L. E. Modesitt, Jr.
From New York Times bestselling author L.E. Modesitt comes Heritage of Cyador, the new novel in the Saga of Recluce.
November 4 2014

A Thousand Pieces of You (Excerpt)

Claudia Gray
Claudia Gray's A Thousand Pieces of You, the first book in Claudia Gray's Firebird trilogy, is an epic dimension-bending story about a girl who must chase her father's killer through multiple dimensions.
October 31 2014

Lowball (Excerpt)

Michael Cassutt and David Anthony Durham
Decades after an alien virus changed the course of history, the surviving population of Manhattan still struggles to understand the new world left in its wake. Natural humans share the rough city with those given extraordinary—and sometimes terrifying—traits.
October 29 2014

Harry Harrison! Harry Harrison! (Excerpt)

Harry Harrison
Recollections of one of the grand masters of science fiction, on his storied career as a celebrated author and on his relationships with other luminaries in the field.
October 28 2014

Coming Home (Excerpt)

Jack McDevitt
Alex Benedict heads to Earth to learn the truth of why relics from the early space age are being hoarded in an old man's home.
October 27 2014

Knife Fight and Other Struggles (Excerpt)

David Nickle
In Knife Fight and Other Struggles, David Nickle follows his award-winning debut collection with a new set of dark tales that span space, time, and genre. A young man at loose ends finds he cannot look away from his new lover's alien gaze. A young woman out of time seeks her old lover in the cold spaces between the stars. The fleeing worshippers of an ancient and jealous deity seek solace in an unsuspecting New World congregation. In a suburban nursery, a demon with a grudge and a lonely exorcist face off for what could be the last time. And when a big city mayor who delineates his mandate by the slash of a blade faces an unexpected challenger, it turns into a struggle that threatens to consume everything.
October 24 2014

Sleepy Hollow: Children of the Revolution (Excerpt)

Keith DeCandido
When Ichabod Crane, a soldier from the Colonial Army, is resurrected from his grave more than two centuries after he was killed in battle, he partners with Lieutenant Abbie Mills of the Sleepy Hollow Police Department to fight the evil forces that have taken hold of the town.
October 23 2014

We Will All Go Down Together (Excerpt)

Gemma Files
Every family has its monsters...and some are nothing but. In the woods outside Overdeere, Ontario, there are trees that speak, a village that doesn’t appear on any map, and a hill that opens wide, entrapping unwary travellers. It’s a place most people usually know better than to go, at least locally—until tonight, when five bloodlines mired in ancient strife will finally converge once more. Devize, Glouwer, Rusk, Druir, Roke—these are the clans who make up the notorious Five-Family Coven.
October 22 2014

The Hero and the Crown (Excerpt)

Robin McKinley
Aerin is an outcast in her own father’s court, the daughter of the foreign woman who, it was rumored, was a witch, and enchanted the king to marry her.
October 22 2014

Child of Earth (Excerpt)

David Gerrold
When Kaer’s extended family signs up to emigrate to Linnea, a planet known for horses as large as houses and dangerously mistrustful natives, Kaer is certain the move will bring the divided household closer together.
October 20 2014

Willful Child (Excerpt)

Steven Erikson
These are the voyages of the starship A.S.F. Willful Child. Its ongoing mission: to seek out strange new worlds on which to plant the Terran flag, to subjugate and if necessary obliterate new life-forms, to boldly blow the... And so we join the not-terribly-bright but exceedingly cock-sure Captain Hadrian Sawback and his motley crew on board the Starship Willful Child for a series of devil-may-care, near-calamitous and downright chaotic adventures through ‘the infinite vastness of interstellar space.’
October 17 2014

Gifts for the One Who Comes After (Excerpt)

Ghost thumbs. Microscopic dogs. One very sad can of tomato soup. Helen Marshall’s second collection offers a series of twisted surrealities that explore the legacies we pass on to our children. A son seeks to reconnect with his father through a telescope that sees into the past. A young girl discovers what lies on the other side of her mother’s bellybutton. Death’s wife prepares for a very special funeral.
October 15 2014

The Accidental Highwayman (Audio Excerpt)

Ben Tripp
In eighteenth-century England, young Christopher “Kit” Bristol is the unwitting servant of notorious highwayman Whistling Jack. One dark night, Kit finds his master bleeding from a mortal wound, dons the man’s riding cloak to seek help, and changes the course of his life forever. Mistaken for Whistling Jack and on the run from redcoats, Kit is catapulted into a world of magic and wonders he thought the stuff of fairy tales.
October 15 2014

Hild (Excerpt)

In seventh-century Britain, a new religion is coming ashore and small kingdoms are merging, frequently and violently. Hild is the king’s youngest niece, with a glittering mind and a natural authority. She is destined to become one of the pivotal figures of the Early Middle Ages: Saint Hilda of Whitby.
October 14 2014

The Heart Does Not Grow Back (Excerpt)

Fred Venturini
Dale Sampson is used to being a nonperson at his small-town Midwestern high school, picking up the scraps of his charismatic lothario of a best friend, Mack. He comforts himself with the certainty that his stellar academic record and brains will bring him the adulation that has evaded him in high school. But his life takes a bizarre turn as he discovers an inexplicable power: He can regenerate his organs and limbs.
October 9 2014

Young Woman in a Garden (Excerpt)

Delia Sherman
In her vivid and sly, gentle and wise, collection of short stories, Delia Sherman takes seemingly insignificant moments in the lives of artists or sailors—the light out a window, the two strokes it takes to turn a small boat—and finds the ghosts haunting them, the magic surrounding them.
October 8 2014

Champion of the Scarlet Wolf (Excerpt)

Ginn Hale
Five years after abandoning the Sagrada Acedemy, Elezar Grunito has become infamous in the sanctified circles of noble dueling rings for his brutal temper and lethal blade. Men and women of all ranks gather to cheer and jeer, none of them knowing Elezar’s true purpose. But a violent death outside the ring marks Elezar as a wanted man and sends him into hiding in the far northern wilds of Labara.
October 8 2014

Prophecies, Libels & Dreams (Excerpt)

Ysabeau S. Wilce
Prophecies, Libels & Dreams is a collection of seven stories by Ysabeau S. Wilce. These inter-connected stories are set in an opulent quasi-historical world of magick and high manners called the Republic of Califa.
October 8 2014

Dangerous Women: “The Girl in the Mirror” (Excerpt)

Lev Grossman
In “The Girl in the Mirror,” Lev Grossman takes us to Brakebills, an ancient, venerable school for wizards, one haunted by a thousand age-old traditions as well as spirits of a different kind, to show us that even the most innocent of pranks can end up having dangerous and even deadly consequences.
October 7 2014

An English Ghost Story (Excerpt)

Kim Newman
A dysfunctional British nuclear family seek a new life away from the big city in the sleepy Somerset countryside.
October 6 2014

The Wilds (Excerpt)

Julia Elliott
At an obscure South Carolina nursing home, a lost world reemerges as a disabled elderly woman undergoes newfangled brain-restoration procedures and begins to explore her environment with the assistance of strap-on robot legs. At a deluxe medical spa on a nameless Caribbean island, a middle-aged woman hopes to revitalize her fading youth with grotesque rejuvenating therapies that combine cutting-edge medical technologies with holistic approaches and the pseudo-religious dogma of Zen-infused self-help. And in a rinky-dink mill town, an adolescent girl is unexpectedly inspired by the ravings and miraculous levitation of her fundamentalist friend’s weird grandmother.
October 6 2014

Dangerous Women: “Virgins” (Excerpt)

Diana Gabaldon
Diana Gabaldon’s novella “Virgins” is a prequel story to her Outlander series, and features Jamie Fraser, who is forced out of his Scottish home and set to wandering in the world.
October 3 2014

Dreamer’s Pool (Excerpt)

Juliet Marillier
In exchange for help escaping her long and wrongful imprisonment, embittered magical healer Blackthorn has vowed to set aside her bid for vengeance against the man who destroyed all that she once held dear. Followed by a former prison mate, a silent hulk of a man named Grim, she travels north to Dalriada. There she’ll live on the fringe of a mysterious forest, duty bound for seven years to assist anyone who asks for her help.