Chapters and excerpts from novels and graphic novels from various publishers

September 1 2014

Gideon Smith and the Brass Dragon (Excerpt)

David Barnett
August 29 2014

Heir of Fire (Excerpt)

Sarah J Maas
August 21 2014

The Seventh Sigil (Excerpt)

Margaret Weis and Robert Krammes
August 20 2014

City of Stairs (Excerpt)

Robert Jackson Bennett
August 19 2014

Exo (Excerpt)

August 18 2014

Salt & Storm (Excerpt)

Kendall Kulper
August 15 2014

Riveted (Excerpt)

Jim Davies
August 15 2014

Sherlock Holmes: The Spirit Box (Excerpt)

George Mann
August 14 2014

Five Portraits (Excerpt)

Piers Anthony
August 1 2014

The Midnight Queen (Excerpt)

Sylvia Izzo Hunter
August 1 2014

Joss Whedon: The Biography (Excerpt)

Amy Pascale
July 31 2014

Trial by Fire (Excerpt)

Josephine Angelini
July 25 2014

The Island of Excess Love (Excerpt)

Francesca Lia Block
July 22 2014

The League of Seven (Excerpt)

Alan Gratz
July 21 2014

The Sovereign Hand (Excerpt)

Paul Gilbert
July 18 2014

Soda Pop Soldier (Excerpt)

Nick Cole
July 16 2014

The Ultra Thin Man (Excerpt)

Patrick Swenson
July 14 2014

We Are All Completely Fine (Excerpt)

Daryl Gregory
July 11 2014

Hellhole Inferno

Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson