Aug 1 2013 1:15pm

What’s it Like Being a Guest of Honor at San Diego Comic Con?

Faith Erin Hicks San Diego Comic Con

Graphic novelist, First Second Books author, and illustrator of all the things Faith Erin Hicks was a Guest of Honor at this year’s San Diego Comic Con! Because she is awesome (proof!) she drew up an action-packed six page comic about what it’s like to go behind the veil and be up on the same stages with the creators you adore. (Featuring special guest appearance by Joss Whedon!)


1. TheDoctor
This is awesome, like everything else Faith Erin Hicks does!
Shelly wb
2. shellywb
That was so adorable! Your friend was wrong though. Never stop being such a fan. (Just don't turn into that fan.)
Dan Guy
3. danguyf
I love this so much. I am so happy for you, Faith; I just teared up a little.
Francisco Guimaraes
4. franksands
Congratulations Faith! You definitely create amazing stuff too! I hadn't had the time to read Friend with Boys, but What Could Possibly Go Wrong was awesome! May you continue to create great things
5. Tumas
I'm sincerely happy for you, Faith, for getting your talent recognised and having it open so many doors for you.

@2: Since Faith's shown her love for Avatar and Korra before, maybe we can tell Faith to become the sort of fans Mike DiMartino and Bryan Koinietzko are of Hayao Miyazaki or that Gene Luen Yang is of Mike and Bryan; loving her idols' work and being inspired by them to do her own thing.
Ian Johnson
6. IanPJohnson
You're living the geek dream, Faith. Never stop.
8. gemsulli
This was a fantastic overview of your ComicCon guest of honor experience. Keep doing what you do Faith!
9. john_a_mccolley
You clearly rock. Glad you got over the fannishness to be able to enjoy yourself on a whole different level!
kathlyn smith
10. castiel
Faith, that was gorgeous. Thank you SO much for sharing the experience with us all.
I really love that your style doesn't change, whether you're telling us madeup stories or real life ones. Oh, and I adored Demonology 101 and might have cried a little bit when it finished! So glad it got a mention.

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