Aug 1 2013 11:30am

Delilah Dirk and the Easy Mark

Tony Cliff

Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant is a light-hearted adventure through the Turkey of the early 1800s and is available in print at the end of August. Unlike the following short story, however, it does not feature such a strong emphasis on cats. You’re welcome to see for yourself and preview The Turkish Lieutenant at You’ll notice I made the foolish mistake of featuring a human woman in the starring role.

This error was brought to my attention during an episode of Jerzy Drozd’s Comics Are Great podcast. He was interviewing Calista Brill, the sensible and insightful editor at First Second with whom I worked on Delilah Dirk. She was explaining the type of give-and-take an editor may have with an author, and said, “for example, I would not ask Tony Cliff to replace the character of Delilah Dirk with a cat.”

Hearing this and knowing it could only possibly be a passive-aggressive airing of grievances, I have tried to correct the error with this short comic, “Delilah Dirk and the Easy Mark.”

Enjoy! Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant arrives on August 27th from First Second Books.



1. Ciella
lol, how did Delilah get turned into a cat!? I love these comics. Tony Cliff is fantastic!
3. Louis Decrevel
Tony, you're a master storyteller. I love Delilah as a cat burglar.
4. Luc Latulippe
8. Fruno
Maybe Delilah could turn into a variety of animals, or even inanimate objects, in a series of "alternate universe" stories (a sub-genre of the normal Delilah stories). She would also make an awesome tree, or perhaps a weather event, like a typhoon. She could also become invisible, breathe under water, and/or dissolve into disparate atoms (or molecules, in a pinch). All of this would be in aid of making Delilah's stories more like mainstream comics, in which there are never actual non-mutant people remaining themselves and with no superpowers. Yeah, we need more stories that are immediately unbelievable and entirely divorced from the real world, in order that identifying with them is impossible and the stories are trivial narratively-sloppy concoctions of no interest whatsoever. So just drop the real people in a real time and place, okay Tony?
Peter Tijger
10. Peter-Tijger
Yessss!!! The book was delivered on my doorstep today. Tomorrow I'll be diving into these funnypages, looking forward to it. :)

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