Jul 16 2013 10:00am

Experience NASA Firsthand—Rocket Launch Included—In This New Comic

Alison Wilgus

Our resident space blogger and graphic novelist Alison Wilgus got to visit NASA this year for a rocket launch and recently completed a full comic book about her experience!

Flip through and read about what it’s like to actually work at NASA, how Twitter works in space, and what it’s like to know that everything you do is pushing the human race forward bit by bit.


z drake cupsford
1. zdrakec
Just...made...of....awesome. Thank you so much!

Matt Stoumbaugh
2. LazerWulf
Awesome. My dad works on systems that use the TDRS. In his own words, he's "the guy they call when the astronaut's internet goes down".
Alison Wilgus
3. AliWilgus
@zdrakec -- Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

@LazerWulf -- That's hilarious! And yeah, he'd certainly have a more intimate knowledge of the ins and outs of the TDRS system than most.
4. cron
I was at that social too. Thanks for bringing it back to life. Great work!
5. Ken-1
I've been in the aerospace industry since Jan. 1966. Started out with Chrysler Corp. Space Div. building the S-IB Apollo Booster in New Orleans, La. Boeing was building the Saturn V Booster in the same facility. I was impressed with Alison Wilgus' account of her visit to the Space Center and her astute observations regarding many aspects of the people, technology, and potential of America's Space Program. I too intend to witness the first SLS launch. Thank you Alison!! - Ken
Alison Wilgus
6. AliWilgus
@cron -- I'm glad to have brought back some good NASA Social memories for you! Everyone there was so great -- I'm just sad it wasn't possible to give cameos to every single person I met and spoke with!

@Ken-1 -- Thank you for the kind words! I definietly wanted to do justice to the small slice of KSC I experienced and the excellent people I met there -- NASA is doing some INCREDIBLE things, and I'm trying to do my part in getting the word out on the work that's being accomplished. I hope to see you at that launch!

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