Apr 2 2013 10:00am


illustration by allen williams

Presenting “House,” an original poem by Neil Gaiman in celebration of National Poetry Month on, acquired for by consulting editor Ellen Datlow.



Sometimes I think it’s like I live in a big giant head on a hilltop
made of papier mache, a big giant head of my own head.
I polish the eyes which would be windows, or
mow the lawn, I mean this is my house we’re talking about here
even if it is a big giant papier mache head that looks just like mine.
And people who go past 
in cars or buses or see the house the head on the hill from trains 
they think the house is me.
I’ll be sleeping there, or polishing the eyes, or weeding the lawn, 
but no-one will see me, no-one would look. 
And no-one would ever come. And if I waved no-one even knows it was me waving.
They’d all be looking in the wrong place, at the head on the hill.

I can see your house from here.


“House” copyright © 2013 Neil Gaiman

Art copyright © 2013 Allen Williams

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Ross Newberry
1. rossnewberry
Neil's tumbledown house.
Knotted mass of vines the roof.
Think they own the place.
Didymus Drake
3. Didymus Drake
Quietly awesome, like all of your stuff, sir.
Didymus Drake
5. Linda Tan
Wow Excellent.
Didymus Drake
7. AdamMcGovern
Headbook! A brilliant vantage on our current talkings past each other. Love the shifting tense, like the speaker isn't sure himself.
Didymus Drake
8. Matthew Kirshenblatt
Well done, Neil. That poem says a lot. :)
Didymus Drake
9. Vonda
I have post concussion syndrome.
This poem describes perfectly what I've been feeling for a year.
Thank you, Much love! xo
Didymus Drake
10. inkinabottle
Plaster, wrought iron and splinters of timber... Variants of the neighbours' houses.

We'd be busy mopping the floors, clearing the yard, remodeling their kitchens, I know.. it's our houses too, houses that look like our heads.

But no matter how much we change, how much we tried to change. The facade stays the same and like Mr Gaiman said... No-one will see us, no-one will look and no-one would ever come.

Love this piece a lot! Thank you for the beautiful writing!
Didymus Drake
11. Suzi Skutley
It makes me want to stop and go inside and see beyond the window reflections, and then perhaps reciprocate....
Didymus Drake
12. anyone
Tapestry of Falling

Though you polish your windows
Mow away the overgrowth
Eyes always at watch
The highway stares at the surface
The sun projects your fantasies
Mirrored through a thousand windshields
The chasms swallow half the subtext
I drop my cover at your feet in sadness
I see a raking ahead
Your grip pulls me closer
Closer- mixed thoughtlessly with others
A mere pile of color
I dream you fall into me just once
Trust me to support you gently
Cushion you from harm
All I can offer
Another soft spot
You lie with me
Forming angels in crisp colors
The only ring I value
And now I'm touching heaven.
Didymus Drake
13. aurelas
I think you see inside my house, especially when I'm asleep and my dreams flash unsettling truths in strange costumes across my tv screen. It is amazing how you continue to put my most difficult-to-express thoughts into beautiful words.
PS. Looking forward to your Cyberman episode!
Didymus Drake
15. chloe stiles
Amazing, very interesting.
Didymus Drake
16. pabkins
Beautiful and sad.
Didymus Drake
17. Deackon Frost
I love me some Gaiman, but this "poem" is terrible. Hard not to be swayed by an author's genius, especially Neil's, but sometimes you just gotta call it like it is.
Didymus Drake
20. Desiree Troy
That was incredible. Thank you for sharing.
Didymus Drake
21. Phil Gaybun
Everyone is sometimes loved by some people.

Were I Phil Gaybun some people would love me.
They would file my mediocrities in the shelves of their hearts
and perhaps they would adore my excrement as if it was the Pope's.

But I am not Catholic. I am Jerzeta Borivarum.
I am made-up.

Even so, Some people like me, because I don't exist, I have a strange name and all my words is air.

What's the difference?
Care you?

Reply with a Haiku.
Didymus Drake
23. Raven Alia
Too lovely. I relate to every word of this. Often, I feel as if the world would be so much better if we just knew how to see through those windows. Thanks so much for sharing this poem!

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