Mar 20 2013 9:00am

The Titular Hero

M.K. Reed and Jonathan Hill

The Titular Hero comic M.K. Reed Jonathan HillIt's so hard to find fantasy with realistic women in it, even in fantasy that contains realistic women! (Our kingdom for SENSIBLE FEMALE ARMOR.)

Fans of Terry Pratchett, the quirkier bits of The Hobbit, and tongue-in-cheek fantasy should take a peek at this original short comic by M.K. Reed and illustrator Jonathan Hill, the authors of the recently released graphic novel Americus.

(And not because it also contains the latest issue of Lady Bosoms....)


1. kamandi
Awesome comic!
3. SEN2860
Ha! loved their reactions. Female armor in fantasy games always looks stupid anyway... unless your 12, then I guess it could be awesome? IDK anyhoo, as a longtime commited DnD DM I've always found the drawings of female armor to be laughable so I had my one friend that can draw whiteout the whole mess and draw over it :D
Mordicai Knode
4. mordicai
I heart Americus a LOT, & I liked the little :01 easter egg!

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