Mar 27 2013 12:10pm

Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong (Comic Excerpt)

Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong by Prudence Shen and Faith Erin HicksThe collection of Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong, First Second’s new online serialized comic by Prudence Shen and Faith Erin Hicks, she of many insightful, hilarious original comics here on, is out from First Second Books on May 7th. You can dive into the beginning sequence for free right now!

Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong is a high stakes, action-packed story of the cutthroat world of high school politics. When the principal decides to allocate money to the science team or the cheerleaders based on a student council vote, things rapidly go off the rails at Hollow Ridge High School. How will the cheerleaders get new uniforms if they don’t get the money from the student council? And how will the science team “be part of the robot revolution” at the National Robotics Competition if they don’t get the money? Clearly it is time for sabotage. And possibly extremely embarrassing childhood photographs.

Get started with the first 18 pages below, then head over to to continue!


Francisco Guimaraes
1. franksands
I'm absolutely loving this series! Hicks talent really shows here, with the emotions of every character so clearly depicted. I would definitely buy the books if I still had any space left at home.
Jeanette Donato
2. Djinn
Okay, you convinced me. I want this comic. Now.
6. blattdog
I love this Graphic Novel its soo good

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