Feb 15 2013 12:20pm

Constantine #1

Jeff Lemire, Ray Fawkes and Renato Guedes

After a landmark 300 issue run, Hellblazer came to an end this year. But John Constantine's adventures continue in DC Comics' new 52 title Constantine by Jeff Lemire and Ray Fawkes, with art by Renato Guedes. Take a look at the first five pages below, and keep an eye out for the first issue, out on March 13.

Is it still the Constantine you've been familiar with for the past few decades? Or is this... something new?


Andrew S. Balfour
1. Andrew S. Balfour
"Is it still the Constantine you've been familiar with for the past few decades?"

Nope. If his name hadn't been used, I would never have guessed that was John Constantine. The gutting of Vertigo continues unabated.
Andrew S. Balfour
2. Jim Fallon
The PG-13 americanized Constantine is a perfect example of why I`ve lost a lot of respect for DC.
Luis Milan
3. LuisMilan
Why didn't they just bite the bullet and use Keanu Reeves' Constantine? It's better than what they are doing to a great Vertigo character...
Andrew S. Balfour
4. Nicholas Winter
Hellblazer five years ago was selling thirteen thousand copies per issue on the average; Hellblazer last month sold just over eight thousand copies. So was anyone commenting here still reading it?
pete hindle
5. petehindle
I don't feel like I have much skin in the game when discussing DC comics - I haven't brought them since my late teenage years, and I don't even bother getting TPBs out of the library. This excerpt seems like a good indication of why; cardboard characters, needless fight scenes, and a sort of cookie-cutter art that I don't find anywhere near interesting.

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