Nov 19 2012 5:00pm

Tune: Vanishing Point (Comics Excerpt)

Derek Kirk Kim

An excerpt from Derek Kirk Kim’s new comic Tune: Vanishing PointWe’ve got a snazzy comics excerpt from Derek Kirk Kim’s Tune: Vanishing Point, first in a new series out now from First Second:

Andy’s life is going nowhere, fast. He left art school with his career all worked out ahead of time, but say it didn’t work out is the understatement of the century. Unemployed and living with his overbearing parents, Andy struggles to keep sight of the lofty goals that once drove him. But it’s hard, even when he reconnects with his old art school crush, Yumi.

Things look better, briefly, with Yumi back in the picture and an actual job offer on the table. But then Andy takes the job offer—to work at a zoo—and finds himself in an alternate dimension. The zoo? Is run by aliens. The exhibit? Is him.


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1. here_is_hazel
Wow, what a great twist!

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