Aug 23 2012 9:00am

Appreciating the Animation (and Story) of ParaNorman

Appreciating the Animation (and Story) of ParaNorman: A Comic by Faith Erin Hicks

Faith Erin Hicks saw recent stop-motion animation flick ParaNorman (brought you by the same studio that created the Coraline movie) and it sent her into a spiral of thought about the state of animation today (for good and ill). Check out her comic strip about it below!

Faith has covered a wealth of subjects on in comic strip form, from The Hunger Games to Prometheus to Toronto and more. Check them all out here.


Shelly wb
1. shellywb
I love your reviews. This gives me such a clear picture of what this movie is like and about.

On another note, I think classical 2D animation in movies is alive and well outside the US.
2. rednose
cant wait to see it. thanks for the respect you show for the humble, little builders of the world and for putting it in black and white for us.
Irene Gallo
3. Irene
Red Nose!

For those that may not know Red Nose Studios, he knows a thing or two about making puppets.
4. Jade3
I really loved this review, found it by way of Neil Giaman's twitter. I read something where Christian Bale said the future of movies was in animation and I loved that. I bring that up because he's in one of my favorite animated movies Howl's Moving Castle. My other favorite is the Halloween tree. I know these are not the same thing as stop motion, but they're all beautiful and this made me appreciate the art that much more. Really good review.
5. Kansan52
Great movie.

And a review to give appreciation for it.

6. Joe James
Your review makes me want to stop writing reviews. Yours are just soooo much cooler. Thanks for the wonderful comic and words of appreciation for great animation.
7. Marika
Drawn just posted about a hand-drawn, animated version of St. Trinian's that's in the works. Drawings and production information can be found here.
8. jfml
So …

Where's that ParaNorman making-of? I wanna see it to!

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