Jul 10 2012 1:00pm

Johnny Hiro: Half Asian, All Hero (Excerpt)

Fred Chao

An excerpt from Fred Chao’s new graphic novel Johnny HiroEnjoy this preview of Eisner Award nominee Fred Chao’s original graphic novel Johnny Hiro: Half Asian, All Hero, out from Tor Books on July 17.

Johnny Hiro, a hardworking busboy, lives in Brooklyn with his flighty but lovable girlfriend Mayumi. Every day, he struggles to make ends meet while fighting giant monsters, running over rooftops from crazed waiters, fending off businessmen-turned-samurai, or having the occasional conversation with Judge Judy, Coolio, or Alton Brown. With Fred Chao’s signature style and laugh-out-loud humor, Johnny Hiro presents the quirky trials and misadventures of a modern-day hero trying to find his slice of the good life.



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