Jun 11 2012 12:30pm

Prometheus Reviewed in Comic Form

It’s always fun to take a look at different reviews for movies, but never quite as fun as when they in comic form from our favorite Faith Erin Hicks! (She’s probably the only Faith Erin Hicks, but that doesn’t make her any less our favorite. Spoilers for the film, of course.

Check out Faith’s comic strip review for Prometheus below. You might also appreciate her takes on A Wrinkle in Time, Alien, and a very personal reflection on The Hunger Games book and movie. Or her illustrated recap of the Toronto Comic Art Festival! Her comic Friends With Boys is also out now as a graphic novel from First Second.



Angela Korra'ti
1. annathepiper
*laugh!* Oh my, I love Robot!Michael Fassbender in this. Beautiful.

And yeah, I pretty much agree with the review, too, having just seen the movie on Saturday!
David Thomson
2. ZetaStriker
Heh, pretty much agreed. It was a flawed film that didn't focus itself well enough to pull off most of what it did with enough impact. It almost felt like a group of loosely connected vignettes, really, that rarely connected in interesting ways. It was a fun ride, and had some really good moments, but overall didn't feel as cohesive as any of the Alien films.


It also had the single dumbest film moment I've seen in a long time, when one character decided running straight away from a larged, rolling man-crusher was a smart idea when another character was able to roll maybe five feet to the left - at most - and avoid it entirely. The way it was shot made absolutely no sense as to why either of them was even in real danger, or worse, why either of them had to die.

EDIT: Apologies, it seems the white font I used didn't take when I posted.
3. Sab
Your illustrations are absolutely lovely and do a better job at creating interesting characterization than the actual film did.
4. dissembly
I honestly cant understand the lukewarmness of reactions to prometheus on this site. It was a beautiful piece of old school sci-fi, that absolutely 'came together in the end' for me at least. I dont know what people were expecting? Maybe they should have had an expositionary psychologist character, telling us what was happening in all those subplots, and finishing his monologue with a precise description of Davids mental state at each step in the movie and an analysis of each characters ultimate motivations.

Facetiousness aside, i thought it was refreshing to see a sci fi movie that develops characters without a running commentary, that doesnt require the characters to act like a stand-in for the audience. Why would Weyland focus on Shaws surgery? Hes only after one thing, and if something looks like it might throw doubt on that goal, like his dream instructions to David didnt turn up the results he wanted - but had a more ambiguous effect, well hes going to ignore the hell out of it and keep clutching for his megalomaniacal goal.

Do we really need that spelled out to round out a good movie? over-exposition is one of the most un-watchable things about most US movies (and tv shows) - its a cultural failing, and Ridley Scott did away with it completely. Much of the action and the resolutions to various minor mysteries was implied. The ultimate revelation - that we were created with the same technology as the monstrous aliens - isnt even voiced by anyone explicitly.

I love this movie. It strikes a rare balance of directorial style and storytelling substance. It feels like the best scifi of the pre-1979 era, but with all the benefits of mythological/world-building depth weve come to expect of movies since then.
5. Dillinger
that's I was saying about her getting an Alien cut from her belly all stapled up and bleeding & no one saying anything or her not telling anyone, I mean that had to be so tramatic and Nothing lol
6. NickSciFiGeek
I loved prometheus. It was even better when I read some explanations online (theres a good one on reddit). There are a lot of very subtle things going on in this movie, and I would honestly like to see it again, so I can more fully appreciate that.
7. NT
I have to be that guy and say that a movie can't be taunt. It can be taut though and I think that's an apt description of Alien.
8. Romona
Like 6 people just got brutally killed in the hangar
that's why nobody cared.

Also Shaw thought she killed it
David's objective was to serve Weyland and have him meet the Engie.
plus it appeared Shaw had escaped and taken care of it.
(strong survival instincts)
9. nordattack
Prometheus deserves a much more extensive comic book review with many panels dedicated to pointing out the complete idiocy of this film. It truly is one of the worst films I have seen in recent memory. It was as if the same cookie cutter factory that makes those Sci-Fi channel weekend special movies starring has-been actors and the monster of the week made Prometheus, only with a huge budget.
Actually one of those films would have been much more entertaining.
Maybe self-caesarian section followed by immediate running and jumping through an obstacle course should be a new Olympic sport?
10. Monolith
Thank you thank you thank you, Dissembly. Finally someone who agress with me about this film.
Although I do agree with Zeta-striker's spoiler. I was like, wtf, move out the way bitch! Oh, and the cesarian was ridiculous as well.
But otherwise great sci-fi.

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