May 16 2012 12:00pm

An Illustrated Recap of the Toronto Comic Art Festival

An Illustrated Recap of the Toronto Comic Arts Festival by Faith Erin HicksIf you were lucky, you may have recently seen artist/cartoonist Faith Erin Hicks recently at the Toronto Comics Art Festival, not only because Faith consistently, and highly, amuses with her work but also because the Toronto Comics Art Festival is, to put it in Faith’s words below, one of the more rare events that brings out the best in the comics community.

Check out Faith’s big comic strip about it below. You might also appreciate her takes on A Wrinkle in Time, Alien, and a very personal reflection on The Hunger Games book and movie. Her comic Friends With Boys is also out now as a graphic novel from First Second.


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Mark F
1. Mark F
loved that bit about having a "beginning, a middle and an end". Stan Lee said long ago that every comic is potentially somebody's first and therefore, it ought to be accessible to new readers.

of course, physical accessibility remains another challenge. I'm glad to see audiences are building in big urban centers, but where they really need to grow are in smaller towns and cities. the internet and social networking are great, but attracting an audience there can be like shouting in the wind, a targeted and well advertised tour by writers/artists of libraries, art centers, etc. would help improve everybody's profile.
Mark F
2. Linda F
I came across Bone once I was already into comics, so it was preaching to the choir for me, but I think of it as one of the earlier series I really got into. Rumiko Takahashi (of Ranma 1/2 and Inuyasha) and Sandman (which I read way, way too young - it melted my brain) were my two big non superhero comic influences, that made me think comics were for me.

(That, and I started reading cool lady written comics online, like 'Demonology 101', Yuko Ota's 'All Angels Wear Trenchcoats', 'Bite Me' by Dylan Meconis, and 'Return to Sender' by Vera Brosgol. Farewell and thankyou to them all, they are finished or long abandoned now.)
Chuk Goodin
3. Chuk
Tried to get into Bone a couple of times, haven't made it yet. (Faith Erin Hicks' stuff has been great though, both here and on her own site.)
Mark F
4. loremipsum
If you like fantasy and webcomics do you read oots? Great comic I like Korean food too.
Mark F
5. Jenna F
I know that feel, about being awkward around your favourite artists. I went to Strange Adventures a month or so back to get my copy of Friends With Boys signed by you and my boyfriend ended up doing all the talking because I was way too nervous. I must admit, I still squee when I see the drawing you did in the front.

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