Apr 19 2012 11:00am

The Glee Upon Which Airbender Fans Greet The Legend of Korra

Faith Erin Hicks’ reaction to The Legend of Korra

For the past couple months, a Faith Erin Hicks comic hitting our inbox has been an immediate source of joy, so when the Airbender universe returned to the screen with The Legend of Korra last week, we wondered just what Faith’s reaction would be in comic form....

You’ll see it below. And we know you’ll want more of her comics after this, so let’s just take care of that right now. Read her takes on: A Wrinkle in Time, Alien, and a very personal reflection on The Hunger Games book and a review of the movie. Her comic Friends With Boys is also out now as a graphic novel from First Second.

Having trouble seeing the strip on your mobile device? View it here.

1. herebewonder
I could go for a Faith Erin Hicks drawn Avatar or Korra comic.

They go together like two things that go together well.

2. vbunny
So spot on. I second herbewonder - I would read the heck out of a Faith drawn Avatar series! Tor, throw some more money at Faith!
Karen L
3. changisme
Yay! I'd love to read this comic, but is it gonna be for the Last Airbender or Legend of Korra?
5. Cain S. Latrani
Faith, you have put words to the feelings in my heart.

(Except for Toph. She's the second coolest after Erza Scarlet.)
7. djinn
My brother emailed me the top picture of Faith on the computer and said "I think I found a picture of you on the internet." :)

Lovely comic, certainly fits my thoughts exactly.
8. Kenny Jackson
Faith Erin Hicks is one of my favorite comic book creators. I own all of her works to date (or at least the ones that are published) and have read all of her unpublished works as well. She is an amazing talent. I wish that the comic book world would recognize that on a wider basis.

I did not know that she loved this cartoon as much as I do. She is awesome. I would read the phonebook if she wrote it. :)
9. monterey
This comic is just a bunch of copies of Reddit memes. I've read rage comics with more originality than this.

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