Mar 27 2012 6:00pm

The Advance Team (Excerpt)

Will Pfeifer and Germán Torres

Out today, from Will Pfeifer and Germán Torres, we present an excerpt from their new graphic novel, The Advance Team:

Zack McKinley was just another twenty-something pizza delivery boy before he discovered that his pop culture idols are actually the advance team of an alien invasion.

Now, encouraged and aided by his (probably insane) uncle, Zack must track them down, one by one, and kill them before the invasion can begin. But the advance team has no intention of letting Zack get in their way, and soon the authorities are hunting for a celebrity serial killer in a pizza delivery jacket.

As his life slips out of control, Zack finds only more questions. Why are the aliens here? What do they have to do with him? Is it too late to stop them before the Earth is conquered? And what if he has simply lost his mind?


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1. Hoot'n'Toot
thanks, I'm looking forward to finishing this story

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