Jan 25 2012 10:00am

The Situation

The Situation by Jeff VanderMeer and Eric Orchard

Experience the familiar perils of office politics in a world eerily different from our own in The Situation,” an original comic story created by Jeff VanderMeer and Eric Orchard.

The Situation” is based on a short story by Jeff VanderMeer which Margo Lanagan called darkly hilarious and Kevin Brockmeier a work of surreal humor, bemused sadness, and meticulous if the workplace novels of Sinclair Lewis and Joshua Ferris had been inverted, shaken, and diced until they came out looking like a Terry Gilliam creation.” The original short story can be read online in its entirety courtesy of WIREDs GeekDad and in Jeff’s collection, The Third Bear, available from Tachyon Books. For more of this special brand of weirdness, check out Ann and Jeff VanderMeer’s anthology The Weird: A Compendium of Strange and Dark Stories, available in eBook and UK editions now and US print editions on May 8, 2012.


Ben Frey
2. BenPatient
What an intriguing and strange little story. It looks like Dr. Seuss mated with Spawn.
3. JeffV
Thanks! There's also a download of the story it's based on at the link I'm providing here.
4. melamela
Thank you! I'll share them with my students. They're fourteen years old and they're learning different way to read and publish ebooks. :)
I have appreciated "Greensleeves" and "Secret Lives" too. ;)
5. seth e.
This is a very exciting project. It looks great!
6. amphibian
The artwork is astoundingly well-meshed to the story.

You been bioneering, haven't you?
7. Shooz
This is refreshingly different. Thoroughly enjoying it :)
8. Smithee Zombie Hunter
I like the style of art very much!
9. Ashes
I read the whole thing. It was lovely, and the artwork was wonderful. You are amazing.
10. Appreantis
That was gross.
11. Ollie Elliott
I absolutely love this. An atmosphere and setting I've never experienced before in any medium as well as a fantastically unique story. Keep up the great work guys!
12. jeffvan
thanks for the kind words! jeffv
Peter Cartwright
14. PeterCartwright
Still the best description I've seen yet of the situation, and all the more so with the pictures!

Thanks for getting there ahead of us and making some maps, Jeff.
15. Steve Gerland
I think I used to work at that place...

But seriously, this is a wonderful tale. And the art is amazing!

Really like it.


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