Nov 18 2011 10:00am

A Comic Strip Review of Neal Stephenson’s Reamde

John Bonner

Every week or so, comic artist John Bonner reviews books, audio, and more, then turns his reactions into a comic strip. You can check out many more of them at Bonner’s site and more of them here on

Today he tackles Neal Stephenson’s newest book, Reamde, a thriller in which a tech entrepreneur gets caught in the very real crossfire of his own online war game. As you can see below, just reading Reamde is an experience all on its own....


Chris Hawks
1. SaltManZ
Yes. YES. That's totally Reamde. :)
Stefan Raets
2. Stefan
Please make more of these and put them in a book, so I can buy it.
Chris Hawks
3. SaltManZ
Hey, something's funny with the cover in panel #6. :P
Bill Johnston
4. booksellerbill
Sorry, he lost me in the second panel. B&N is *not* the only bookseller left in Boston. There is a good independent bookseller, Trident, on Newbury Street just a few blocks from the B&N at the Prudential Center. Not to mention plenty of great used bookstores, and two great indies in Brookline and Cambridge.
Stefan Raets
5. Stefan
@4. I think that may have been, you know, humor? I know it's a crazy idea, especially for a comic strip, but I really do think so.
@4. You are absolutely right about Trident, though I tend to think of it as a cafe with a book store add-on rather than a true bookstore. Having said that, it has a great selection of books. I used to work nearby and was aways in there. Long may they remain.
@2. Thanks a million. I will let you know when I think I've reached critical mass.
8. David's Comments
The day after I finished my copy, I traded with a friend for his copy of Ananthem. It is almost as big and is a more challenging read. But I'm taking a break before I tackle it.
Amy David
9. amydevid
It is pleasure a going through your post. I have bookmarked you to check out new stuff from your side.

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