Nov 11 2011 1:31pm

First Contact

Theresa DeLucci

In her hand, a planet as large as loneliness. She squeezed.

Nathanael Schaffer
1. N_Schaffer
And in response, I felt like leaving a comment. I did.
Walter Dinjos
2. Walter Dinjos
Today is the eleventh day of November two thousand and eleven.
Walter Dinjos
3. Walter Dinjos
Of course, we already know that, Walter Dinjos. Say something literary.
Walter Dinjos
4. Walter Dinjos
Heart as cold as snow. Thought I knew your inside hue.
Trevor Vallender
5. tsv
In her other, a universe as small as life. She threw.
Walter Dinjos
6. Anchasta
What is the worth of a world thrown? No small thing.
Walter Dinjos
7. Smart Alex
Sam I Am, I do not like green eggs and ham!
Sean Calhoun
8. Musicspren
"The Wheel weaves as it wills," she said, "I, the Wheel."
Walter Dinjos
9. Urstoff
Brains in vats, rock bottom prices.

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