Oct 5 2011 10:30am

The Last Mortician

Acclaimed writer Tim Hall and Eisner-nominated and Emmy-winning cartoonist Dean Haspiel bring us a stark vision of a future in which one of humanity’s oldest professions is no longer essential. What might bring about such a world, and what might happen to the practitioners of this ancient art?

What kind of world no longer needs someone to tend to their dead?


Nick Abadzis
2. Nick_Abadzis
Love it. Reminded me of an old Twilight Zone or Outer Limits but with current concerns - an SF idea that is actually a little morality play. Dean - the transition of colour/time is so simple but so effective. Flawless execution of a good idea, gents.
Jennifer Hayden
3. Jennifer Hayden
Smooth as silk, creepy as hell: beautifully done, you guys. Chapter one of something wonderful?
Jennifer Hayden
4. Kristin Fouquet
Gorgeous work, gentlemen. As an ex-embalmer, I'm saddened to think there's no future for the trocar. Pesky immortality. More, pretty please!
Jennifer Hayden
6. Robert Sneddon
I get blank pages when I tried to read the comic on several different browsers (Firefox, Chrome, IE). I see the title page, comments and the control buttons but nothing happens when I select the forward/back buttons. Is this comic locked for US-only readers or something? Is there somewhere else that I can access the comic in a less-complicated way?
Jennifer Hayden
7. THall
Robert--I don't know why that's happening; it's been fine for me in Vista/Win7/Mac (Chrome & FF), and I don't want to anger the mighty Tor web-god(dess(es)), but if you try this string

and just change the "1.jpg" to 2.jpg, 3.jpg, etc. up to 16.jpg, you'll be able to read through it. Clunky, but it should bypass whatever conflict your browsers might be having.

And the rest of you--thanks for your incredibly kind comments, they mean a lot.

Jennifer Hayden
8. THall
It just occurred to me, Robert--you're looking below the controls for the images, right? I was a bit confused myself at first, because on my laptop I could only see down as far as the controls...the images fall below the controls. Just fyi...
Irene Gallo
9. Irene
My apologies Robert. (And Tim and Dean) It seems to be working on our end but I'll forward your message to our tech group.
Jennifer Hayden
10. Jerry A Taylor
Thank you for the wonderful comic.

The family sent my father to his eternal rest on Wednesday of this week. While I was gravely ill this summer recovering after complications from a triple cardiac bypass, my father and I had many conversations on life and death. I think my father would have enjoyed your final comment that we are simply not made to last for eternity.
Jennifer Hayden
11. Roger Lord Zeck
An intriguing idea...and eeriely executed.
There'd still be accidents and murders and other crimes, of course, but the premise provokes the idea of--if they can grant immortality, then surely they can synthesise oxytocin, so you're permanently in love? Or does marriage become a seven year contract, renegotiable after that time without penalty (that'd put a lot of lawyers out, never mind morticians!) (There'd be a new type of greetings card necessary, too -- congratulations on your renegotiation)
Jennifer Hayden
12. Geckomayhem
Wouldn't be too long until the population dwindled due to murder, accidents and suicides. Really creepy thought. Last man standing? Bye-bye human race. :o
Jennifer Hayden
13. Jen Schofield
Smooth as hell, creepy as silk. Wait, that doesn't sound right...
I love this! More, more, more please!!
Jennifer Hayden
14. Thomas Baehr
Wew. Mortifying. I mean scary. A scary vision of the future.
Have to go on ... forever?!?
Jennifer Hayden
15. Ozz
"There's a difference between living and not dying."
Great line!
Jennifer Hayden
16. jen ferguson
Excellent! Great writing and art- congratulations. I'd love to see more~
Poignant subject.
Jennifer Hayden
17. Jen Devine
Gorgeous work, Tim & Dean. Encore! Frightening in its oddly believable premise.... We humans blindly forge ahead in the name of progress alone, never truly considering the consequences. You've embraced an essential theme of modern life and executed it masterfully. Keep the great work coming!
Christopher Hatton
18. Xopher
I like it! But I think people would have their children and then take the treatment, and the world would overpopulate quickly. Then some governments would make the law that you couldn't take the treatment if you already had kids (or more than one, or more than two, or something) and social chaos would ensue.
Jennifer Hayden
19. Mark Floberg
Thats the stuff,thank you.!!


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