Sep 13 2011 6:03pm

The Eye of the World: The Graphic Novel, Volume 1 (Excerpt)

Robert Jordan, Chuck Dixon and Chase Conley

The Eye of the World: the Graphic Novel, Volume One excerptWith the full cooperation of the Jordan estate, The Eye of the World has been turned into a comic book series written by Chuck Dixon and illustrated by Chase Conley. The Eye of the World: The Graphic Novel, Volume One begins Robert Jordan’s epic fantasy tale by introducing Rand al’Thor and his friends Matrim and Perrin at the spring festival. Moiraine Damodred and Lan Mandragoran appear, and almost before Rand knows it, he and his friends are fleeing his home village with Moiraine, Lan, and Egwene al’Vere, the innkeeper’s daughter, who wishes to become an Aes Sedai. The conclusion of this volume leaves the travelers on the road to Baerlon, barely ahead of the pursuing Trollocs and Draghkar. As they run for their lives, Moiraine and Lan begin to teach the young people what they need to know to survive in this dangerous world.

Read an excerpt after the jump, where Rand meets Trollocs for the first time.


Jennifer B
1. JennB
I ordered and paid for the first dozen of these comics when they came out. Only got four issues because Dabel Brothers went under. They sent me an e-mail saying they would resume shipment in May, but I haven't seen any new issues. The ones I did get are pretty good though.
2. lachlanB
^^ I think they it was changed to dynamite entertainment or something like that.
3. AV
It did go through a series of delays and changes. As was stated above, it is now with Dynamite Entertainment. #12 in the series should be in stores Today (9.14.11). You should be able to find it in any local comic book store, I'm not certain, but you might also be able to order directly from dynamite. Be prepared to wait for them, however, as they are not always the most timely of releases. At least they are always worth the wait. On a side note, the book New Spring was also released as individual comics and then compiled into a graphic novel. You can find it at your local bookstore or on amazon. Hope this helps.
Jennifer B
6. JennB
re @2 and @3 Issues #0 and #1 were originally made by Dabel Brothers. They sent me those issues plus issues #2 and #3 by Dynamite. They have promised to send more issues, so I have not tried to buy any additional issues. I might get the graphic novel though. I like that format better. I do have all the issues of New Spring.
Fake Name
7. ThePendragon
I got issue number 0 and that's it. I also never got my remaining issues of New Spring, but ended up just ordering the graphic novel. I'll likely do the same here. No more buying individual WoT comics for me.
8. Billy Hoyle
I have all the issues Dabel Brothers published with all cover art. Including an issue of eye of the world issue 1 cover "C" signed by the cover artist Seamas. Then all issues republished by dynamite up to date. I hadn't collected comics in years before these came out. Even have the new spring issues and the complete graphic novel of new spring. Plan on buying the eye of the world graphic novel when its released. They take forever to produce the comics though. Any comic shop should be able to back order the issues from dynamite. I'm unsure about Dabel brothers issues though if a complete collection is important to u like me XD
jade smith
9. jadesmith
It is pleasure a going through your post. I have bookmarked you to check out new stuff from your side.

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10. Kirk Jones
Not to be too picky, but where is the heron on the blade? Tam is a blade master... jus' sayin'
11. Thom.W.
Yeah, where is the heron? Unless I'm remembering completely wrong, Tam's blade was marked on the hilt and the scabbard with herons, as well as the blade.

BTW, Tam was not a blade master, IIRC. He defeated one in combat and won the sword.
12. Chris Bramble
But doesnt defeating a blade master award you the rank of blade master?
13. João Marques
Does anyone know when The Graphic Novel - Volume Two for this will come out?

Thanks in advance

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