Aug 26 2011 6:00pm

The Five Faces of Feynman

Jim Ottaviani and Leland Myrick presents excerpts from Feynman, the bio-comic from Jim Ottaviani and illustrator Leland Myrick. The two authors present a colorful picture of the larger-than-life exploits of Nobel-winning quantum physicist, adventurer, musician, and world-class raconteur Richard Feynman, following him from his childhood in Long Island to his work on the Manhattan Project and the Challenger disaster.

Ever wanted to know more about Richard P. Feynman, quantum electrodynamics, the fine art of the bongo drums, the outrageously obscure nation of Tuva, or the development and popularization of the field of physics in the United States? This excerpt presents the five faces of Richard Feynman: Adventurer, skeptic, scientist, artist, musician.


Steven Halter
1. stevenhalter
What a cool idea. Feynman's various semi-autobiographies are a treasure.
Steve Boyett
2. Steve Boyett
Here's the entire video of the Nova Episode about Feynman and Tuva (which introduced me and a lot of other people to Tuvan throat singing).
Steve Boyett
3. Dogshouse
Feynman has a walk-on in "The Age of Entanglement: When Quantum Physics Was Reborn" by Louisa Gilder. Not only has the quantum mechanics thing goin' on, but speaks Portugese and knows how to find the cool Samba bars in Sao Paulo.

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