<em>Level Up</em> Graphic Novel (Excerpt)
Jun 1 2011 2:33pm

Level Up Graphic Novel (Excerpt)

Gene Luen Yang

Please enjoy this excerpt from the forthcoming graphic novel Level Up, written by Gene Luen Yang and illustrated by Thien Pham, available of June 7th from First Second.

Dennis Ouyang just wants to play video games. He may even be good enough to do it professionally, but his parents want him to become a doctor. One day, four angel show up to put Dennis on the right path, the path his parents want for him, insisting that it’s all part of the plan. But is it really?


Thomas Jeffries
1. thomstel
Tugging on my heartstrings already man. Seriously.

This is looking like Toy Story 3 for the video game generation. Will be on the lookout for this.
Filippo bia
2. filippobia
Christ, touching and a little cruel, just like the lifes of many of our generation (43 here). Straight lines of draw, but how heartfull. Like it and going to buy (hope is in digital format too, since i live in Italy). Two thumbs up!
Jennifer Phiffer
3. Jennifer Phiffer
please notify me when this book becomes available!
Jennifer Phiffer
4. Not Dave Apparently.
So after all that time, his first system was a Genesis?! I'm torn between sadness about death and anger about the flagrant disregard for modern childhood rights. Shameful.

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