Jan 21 2011 1:00pm

Evolution: The Story of Life on Earth (Excerpt)

Zander Cannon and Kevin Cannon

Illustrated by the brilliant duo Kevin Cannon and Zander Cannon and written by noted comic author and biology professor Jay Hosler, Evolution features the same characters introduced in The Stuff of Life: A Graphic Guide to Genetics and DNA. On the heels of explaining to his planetary leader the intricacies of human genetics in The Stuff of Life, intrepid alien scientist Bloort-183 has now been charged with covering the wider story of evolution. Evolution, out now, brilliantly answers Wired’s demand, “What’s the solution to America’s crisis in science education? More comic books!” 



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Randall Heath
1. Randall Heath
I can't wait to read this with my 9 year old! We read DNA: The Stuff of Life a year or two ago, and I recommend it highly to all parents, to share with their kids. It's a real pleasure to read these books together! Please, keep up the great work, Jay, Kevin, and Zander!

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