Jan 6 2011 9:30am

New Spring Graphic Novel (Excerpt)

Tor Books

New Spring: The Graphic NovelPlease enjoy this excerpt from the upcoming New Spring graphic novel, written by Robert Jordan and adapted by Chuck Dixon, Mike Miller, and Harvey Tolibao. The trade collects issues #1-8 of the comic adaptation of New Spring and comes out January 18th from Tor Books.

The graphic novel features extra material from the mini-series, including sketches and emails from Robert Jordan to the creators laying out the look and feel of the world of the Wheel of Time in incredible detail.

In this excerpt, a young Al’Lan Mandragoran arrives in Canluum and proves why he is known for his mastery of the swordforms...


Jennifer Liang
1. JenniferL
I think this is the section my husband was the consultant for. I'd have to look at the credits to be sure. Jordan always said my husband had the best grasp of the sword forms. I guess that makes him the only real blade master in the fandom?
Jeremy Hart
3. jhart06
Hoping I can get my computer to load something of this excerpt beyond the first page. The first page is wonderfully done though.
Filip Belic
4. fbelic
Same problem here, I can load just the first page... Tried in Chrome and IE8.

Hope to see the rest soon :-)
Skip Ives
5. Skip
It works fine for me. I enjoyed New Spring when it came out (slowly). I have a signed #0 somewhere.
7. jemron
Same for me. Would love to look at this, but can't see past page 1. :(
8. jemron
It must be a Chrome/IE8 thing. Firefox works fine.

Good stuff!
Paul Ripley
9. matt1616
i had the same problem. i'm using chrome.
i had to enter the url like this:

and manually change the page number at the end
10. Chargus
Is it just me, or is the coloring a bit of on the 9th page? It almost looks like one of the men has been separated from his legs in the upper right corner.
Heidi Byrd
11. sweetlilflower
@Chargus: yeah, I see what you mean. The shirt and the ground are similar colors, but the shirt is a solid color where the ground is mottled.
Tricia Irish
12. Tektonica
@10: I thought the guy in the upper right on pg. 9 was missing his upper half?

All in all, it looks wonderful though!

btw, Safari works just great for loading.
13. Hoyle777
I already have the comics. Still plan on buying the novel to beat up though, yep I'm a nerd.

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