Jan 20 2011 5:33pm

Deathless Comic (Excerpt)

Amy Houser and Catherynne M. Valente

Deathless is the highly-anticipated new standalone novel by award-winning speculative fiction author Catherynne M. Valente, due out from Tor Books on March 29, 2011. Deathless re-envisions the story of Russian folk figures Koschei the Deathless and Marya Morevna: a collision of magical history and actual history, of revolution and mythology, of love and death, which will bring Russian myth to life in a stunning new incarnation.

This is a promotional comic Cat and artist Amy Houser did for Arisia 2011; it depicts Marya Morevna's encounter with the household domovoi from Chapter Three of the book, which you can read here (along with, and preceeded by, chapters one and two).


Lisa Grabenstetter
1. magneticcrow
Quite eager to see this, but I cannot get anything past the cover to load on Firefox. Anyone else having the same trouble?
2. Jinian
Works fine on my Firefox (3.6.13 on Mac OS 10.6.4). And it's adorable!
3. David Thompson
I'm having similar problems viewing it on Chrome.

The images load if I go and find them myself (e.g. ), but the viewer Javascript is definitely having issues.
Amy Houser
4. amylikestodraw
Hi guys!

If you're having trouble viewing it, there are more low-tech versions over here. We want you to read it and we hope you like it! Cheers!
5. ElsaH
OMG amazing! If I hadn't already pre-ordered the book I'd do so rightnow.
Naomi Libicki
6. AetherealGirl
Oh, my goodness.

We shall make a REPORT! We shall file PAPERWORK!

I actually really want that as a livejournal user icon now. Only a) I'm not sure how Amy feels about that sort of thing and b) it probably wouldn't work at 100X100 pixels anyway.

I don't suppose there's any plan to do the whole book as a graphic novel . . .

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