Sep 15 2010 9:30am

Dear Melissa

A little zombie love-letter, from the team who brought us King of an Endless Sky and The Dreaded Question.

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scott purdy
1. scott purdy
Absolute class.. love it :)
Jenny Thrash
2. Sihaya
Best zombie short story I've read in a while. Zombie stories often seem to rely on the long form in order to effectively set up their themes - if you want readers to feel the hopeless, horrific drudgery of inevitable assimilation and death, you have to build it over time, like a sort of "Groundhog Day" of carnage. This story tries to set a different tone by starting at the end of a longer story that zombie watchers know pretty well. Then its last scene is either horrifyingly hopeless or sweetly hopeful, depending on your P.O.V. Thanks,, for putting this one out on the web.
scott purdy
3. Gerd D.
Great story, leaves you with a thoughtful smile .
Matthew B
4. MatthewB
Great art and an interesting story, but there's something weird i can't quite put my finger on that leaves me a little unsatisfied. Maybe i just wanted more of a real story instead of a zombie metaphor for an abusive relationship. Or maybe the juxtaposition of introspection with the expectation of mindless undead is just creating too much dissonance for me.
scott purdy
5. Alopex
I really liked this :) The ending was rather sweet and a little sad. Mostly sweet, because there IS hope.
Jim Brannick
6. divisionerror
Ha! That was really good. Excellent art, sweet story, and a nice little twist. Aww, poor zombie guy.
scott purdy
9. jojothepirate
refreshing and smart
scott purdy
10. theresa*hannah
Loved it.
scott purdy
11. charlieaugustchan
What? No last splash page, hand bursting through the ground?
Corina St. Martin
12. Corina
I'd been hankerin' for a good new zombie story. Great job as always guys!
John Dodds
13. jakk1954
Great art, and an excellent story. That line about sometimes feeling like a passenger in his own body was incisive and clever - don't we all feel that way sometimes?
Tom Sobieski
15. phoghat
If the plethora of zombie stories was a original as this one, I wouldn't be sick of zombie stories. I'd like Kurt and Zelda to apply their talents to the overdone vampire genre as well
scott purdy
16. Textpert
Wow. What a swath of comments with brown noses. Some were so anxious to begin the kissing up they seem to have been unaware that this is not a single panel presentation. How erudite! Feel free to email everyone a Nuevo Critic certificate. ROFLMAO!
Tom Burton
17. Conky

I'm struggling to understand how this not being a single panel presentation is even relevant since I can't find anywhere that this comic claimed to be, or that it not being takes away from how well it was done. I don't know about a Nuevo Critic certificate but your Douche of the Week award is in the mail.
scott purdy
18. T-Drizzle
In a word: EPIC
Mig Archey
19. Quilld

Wow. In your rush to judgment you left justice behind. Too bad you didn't think it through. Did you notice that some of those commenters referenced stuff not visible on the first page of the comic? What did you think they were talking about? If you read all nine pages it was clear.

For future information and to avoid making yourself look idiotic and judgmental, be aware that comments display as though they remark on page one even when the comment is actually only added after reading all the pages of the comic -- it's just the way it works here. So what you deemed to be a bunch of sycophants are just people who enjoyed the entire story, all nine pages of it -- as I did -- and then added a comment -- as I am now doing.
scott purdy
20. jpwasnt
Not really a fan of the zombie genre here, but this short is awesome!
scott purdy
21. partychris
Makes me wish they're was more, a sequel even...maybe
Irene Gallo
22. Irene

We don't have a sequel for this coming up but we certainly have more stories from Teetering Bulb planned. (I should try to maintain a professional distance but, I'm just too a big a fan of theirs.)
scott purdy
23. Alberto Chimal
That's a great short story. Congratulations!
scott purdy
24. hippy66
WOW! That was amazing......
scott purdy
26. recombust
You got me. You totally got me with that ending. A wry story, funny/violent/sad/unsettling/nice. Fricken love y'all.


oh! and that little slotted door/behind the slotted door juxtaposition on page 3 was brilliant.
scott purdy
27. BlakeT
Excellent story. Well done, and thanks Tor for posting it.
scott purdy
28. morbidExtacy
Well, my alias says it all. Although I must add that this twist was extremely refreshing. And combined with such spectacular artwork makes it really memorable. thanx for what you do!

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