Sep 24 2010 9:30am

A Softer World, series 2

As part of its original sequential art offerings, each month will be bringing you a new A Softer World strip, by the inimitable Joey Comeau and Emily Horne.

There are years worth of classic strips here, but these are ours. For a look at the previous A Softer World run on, please go here.


Copyright © 2010 by Emily Horne and Joey Comeau

Roberto Burtoni
2. MadCardigan
I agree Up in the Air was heavy handed at times, but this seems somewhat sensational.
Cindy Benson
5. Newtomato
The rollover text is particularly intriguing. I can't wait for more!
6. craigpierce
Woo hoo! I look forward to more ASW on TOR. Is there a URL I can hit to see the latest comic each month? I can't find a regular 'home' page for the strip here anywhere...
Ben Stark
7. ecthelion
Either I don't get it or this really sucks!
Luis Milan
8. LuisMilan
#7 It could be a world-wide revolution, brother against brother, parent against son. Who's the enemy? Everyone.
9. FamiliarLoops
Really? That's the best you can come up with on a sci-fi site? What about...

Mind-control rays
Alien Body-snatchers
Technovirus that only affects the old and feeble
Zombies (er, sorry, bioengineered reanimation)
An artificial black hole created by The Manhattan Project that time-warped World War II to the near future.
10. aptfolk
The past generation, the ones that used and did not replenish. they are the ones that killed us.

think of a handful of moments.
11. H-squared
I love love love ASW. Brilliant. So much said with so few words. The pictures - sometimes so very very subtle - help me to read between the lines.

Thanks you, ASW, for not insulting my intelligence. You do not lead me by the hand and point out every obvious thing: You let me fill in the blanks a bit. It makes your "comics" sooo much more satisfying.

Like lesbian zombie sex: (So much better - and exhausting - than regular zombie sex)...
12. OCDelightful
Wonderful as always.

#9: Sci-fi doesn't have to be confined to your typical plots and subject matter. I think ASW does a beautiful job of creating comics that fit easily into the genre. Maybe you should check out their other comics. You might find something more satisfying.

#6: The home page is
13. Goliath
Empathy is the enemy.
14. kpt_haase
#7,8,9: none of you seem to be getting the point...

well, #9, i don't know about the black-hole-time-warp-wwii-scenario --- technically, that would probably be an explanation as well :D though how the ford explorer then comes into this, i really can't imagine.
15. Fidelis
Who says it has a specific meaning?
Jonathan Acosta
16. lXxEpicxXl
A Softer World has always had a very peculiar style that doesn't always sit well with everyone. There's never a full story, set of characters, setting or obvious meaning in their pieces. But you can find robots, aliens, love, nuclear war, loneliness. The stories are random, non-sequential and never with any specificity. They're the deep intimate thoughts of someone doing something somewhere. There's very little reading between the lines; you have to draw them yourself first.
17. Omoloi
Jesus christ, guy.


You should feel bad.
18. Sheep
C'mon, you guys really don't get it? It's about previous generations destroying the planet, hence the pictures of our killers in old family albums line, as well as the alt text: Grandma and Grandpa drove a big gas-guzzling Explorer and burned some holes into the atmosphere. ASW doesn't always have definite meanings, but this one's pretty solid.

Then again, the whole time warp civil war global revolution theory is pretty cool too. :)
19. atomic turtle
It's the end of the world for the passengers in Grandma and Grandpa's old Ford Explorer.

Don't know the old joke?

I want to die in my sleep like my Grandfather; not screaming in terror like his passengers.

Geez, kids these days just try to complicate things.
21. Ticky Tacky
I dont get why a Softer World is any good. It seems dry..and easy.

i just don't ~get~ it. or i do, and just dont ~get~ why people like it. or i do, and i just dont ~get~ why people pretend to like it

or something..
23. Mat Wilder

Also, I can't even read the mouseover text because the text of the comic is in the same spot. Just me?
24. fishboy
Ticky Tacky - so ASW is not for you. Don't stress about it, there are many many webcomics out there - find one that does appeal. But please believe those of us who say we do like it. Love it even. Passionately.
David Reed
25. fadingworld
I like it, great job. Glad I stumbled on this site!
26. nosunlight
The mouse-over text says:
Well at least now the boy'll
think twice about biting the cat.
Francesca Forrest
27. Asakiyume
I *love* A Softer World and think it's a sweet deal that Tor has some exclusive strips!

Yay Joey Comeau! Yay Emily Horne!
29. dasiavou
Robot dog: "Affirmative!"
30. serke
Why would anyone pretend to like ASW? It's not as if it's so popular you need to lie to fit in. Like American Idol. Or KKK meetings.

That was my attempt at an ASW style joke.
This is why I don't have a comic of my own.

But honestly, the dry/bleak/oddball/sadpanda humor of ASW isn't for everyone. And that's should be fine with everyone.
It'd be the same if everyone liked Cheddar popcorn. Then there'd be none left for me.
32. best alien
I think lots of folks here are still missing the nearly obvious point - even after aptfolk and Sheep explained it so well, so: No, it isn't "It's the end of the world for the passengers in Grandma and Grandpa's old Ford Explorer" (unless I misunderstood that line.) REM the comic's line about "pictures of our killers in old family albums." "Grandma and Grandpa in the old Ford Explorer" are the killers. The cartoonist means, that guzzling gas ran out oil reserves (search "peak oil") and also maybe caused runaway greenhouse warming.
33. JennyQ
#23 Here you go, I made an rss feed to get the latest comic:
a softer world rss
Boyd Waters
34. watersb
I *love* this!!! I tell my kids that we're living in the future all the time. They don't believe me. They take humanoid robots in outer space as their proper due.

But that robot dog was a bit disappointing.
Tudza White
35. tudzax1
There is no place on the A Softer World site for comments. That annoys me.

There is however an RSS feed for that site, an icon shows up for one in the address bar in Chrome and I have one in Reader.

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