Aug 10 2010 9:30am

Red Light Properties - Chapter 21

Dan Goldman
1. dangoldman
ALSO: don't miss the first part of my Daily Cross Hatch interview that's live now, where we talk about my own "secret origin" as well as the evolution of RED LIGHT PROPERTIES. The remaining parts of the interview will be added soon.
2. slf
Here from Warren Ellis' suggestion on LJ. Holy Awesome! Amazing story idea, and I love the art.
Dan Goldman
3. dangoldman
@slf Welcome to my strange little world; there's a lot more RLP to come once this story wraps in a few weeks. Stay tuned for details.
4. gojiro
Love RLP! Where's the new one? I'm dying over here! (Also found this via Warren Ellis, btw.)
Dan Goldman
5. dangoldman
@gojiro Welcome welcome welcome!
The new one is up today, and the finale of this first volume hits on Tuesday, Sept 7th.

There's a lot more RLP coming down the pike... Let's talk once I cross the finish line (wink).
6. nyshmil
we need more RLP. this shit is great!

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