<em>The Way of Kings</em>: Chapters 4, 5, and 6 (Excerpt)
Jul 8 2010 1:00pm

The Way of Kings: Chapters 4, 5, and 6 (Excerpt)

Click below to listen to acclaimed duo Kate Reading and Michael Kramer read Chapters 4-6 of The Way of Kings.

Audio © 2010 Macmillan Audio

Please click here if you want to read our first installment, Way of Kings: Prologue, Prologue and Chapters 1-3.

Tim Brickey
1. tbrickey022
I can't wait for this book! Kate Reading and Michael Kramer knock it out of the park as always!
Lizzy Hoggard
2. wish_i_was_tuon
Bahahahah my brother bought me New Spring on audiobook for my birthday a couple years back and that's the only thing I've ever listened to with Reading and Kramer. Now Kramer = Lan in my head and I can't seem to make the switch. XD Yay.
Mark Jackson
3. axonjaxon
You should probably just go ahead and leak the rest of the book at this point. I mean, why wait now?
6. Freelancer
This is going to be a massive story. I'm very curious to see what relationship develops between the POV characters we've been exposed to so far.

I'll have to listen again when I get home, missed to many bits and pieces trying to listen while working.
Sean Arthur
7. wsean
Wow, great stuff! Interesting juxtaposition... it's kind of tough to worry too much about the rich girl and her family when you've got the other guy stuck under Bridge Four.

Still, definitely motivated to go get this as soon as it's out.
thomas harker
8. gomez
Great stuff.Brandon is on top of his game
Josiah B.
9. yakiniku
Shallan. Bleh. Hope she gets more interesting.

But Kaladin? AMAZING! Bridge 4! Bridge Crew, let's go!
Niki Grasern
10. kraefzke
Won't listen to this. Haven't got the free time and can't listen at work. Reading it would be easier - bit by bit - so I hope they'll release it in text form as well. Otherwise I'll have to wait for the whole book....first part got me really exited!
11. orokusaki

Haha, same for me. I missed several parts here and there as I worked while I listened.

But I'm definitely enjoying what I'm actually catching. :) I find reading it makes the words make more sense to me, though. Totally snagging this book.
Elizabeth Adams
12. ehadams
Could we get the first part in audio form too? And/or the second part in text format?
Debbie Lin
13. LaniJolie
I like the continuing story, a bit repetitive, but interesting. I found Michael Kramer's oddly lilting prasing distracting though - I'd rather read the text myself.
Kerly Luige
14. Celebrinnen
Great! Can`t wait to know what happens next! Kaladin is a wonderful character, only I am a little bothered by the name - reminds me of Couladin a bit too much and I didn`t like him...
Michael Handy
15. mikehandy
@ 9. yakiniku, and all the rest of you Shallan-haters:
Are you kidding? She's fantastic. She's actively taking ownership of her problems while Kaladin wallows in self-pity.
No disrespect to Kaladin; he just hasn't lived up to the promise I saw in him in chapter two yet.
16. Xan015
@15. mikehandy, sure she's taking ownership of her problems, and chapter 5 intrigued me a lot.

However, you can't deny that it's easier for her to do so, with a full money pouch and an affluent background. If she'd been a slave for eight months, I don't think she would have been so active.

Also, Kaladin did at least try and escape - several times. He's been beaten and disgraced since, and had a much harder time than Shallan, but he's still fighting, and that's worthy of admiration. If I were a slave, I think I'd wallow in self-pity too :)

I'm looking forward to the rest of the book!
Neil S
17. Nbs2
Echoing several others, I'd love to get this in a text format. Alternatively, an iPhone friendly format would work, as the only time I have a chance to listen would be during my commute.

I'll be reading the book anyway, but I am eager to get more of the story under my belt.
Corey Ouellette
18. FU26
I will be getting the book either way, but I am with those that would like 4-6 in text so I can be less productive at work and read it.
20. randhas1
Thank you for making both the text and audio available for us to sample! I quite like them both. Since the inception of Sanderson's inclusion in WOT, I have reached out to get to know the style and wit of the author that would help MY wheel of time turn full circle. Brandon has begun a merciful work that I will surely be glad to not miss. I have been greatly entertained by every single book of his that has been published. And I look forward to this new series as well as his wrapping up of RJ's monumental masterpiece. May we always find water and shade, bring extra vials of metal and a bag of coins, just in case, beware of mercenaries and their humor, never pick up a sword that doesn't belong to us, find a pair of colored glasses in our coat when faced with danger, and lastly, never forget we are human even when our world and bodies are beginning to fall apart on us. Because with the proper adjustment, we will find ourselves returned to a happy existence, Light willing!
kathlyn smith
22. castiel
I'm enjoying the story so far, but sadly, I'm finding the male voice really difficult to listen to.
As someone who couldn't get along with Wheel of Time at all, I'm finding Sanderson's stories on Tor.com surprisingly readable. I probably wouldn't consider buying this book without the previews, but I think I'm being converted. Thank you very much!
vamsi deepak
23. ampolu
i know that brandon sanderson is a great author but a ten part series,i dont know how it will work out for me.i would rather prefer three smaller trilogies.
Elicius Rowlands
24. Elicius
I love the story, as it is and as it evolves. However the rise at the end of the majority of sentences by Michael Kramer is slowly but surely driving me insane.
dave murphy
25. dave.murphy89
Is it possible to download this somehow and play it on my ipod~?
Charles Deaver
26. chuckles57
I bought the audible of this book and must say this is a very promising book. The first encounter of the this world is amazing.
Can't wait for the rest of this series and more to come.
Charles Hansen
27. dathionk
I really can't wait for the next book in this series. I loved this book.
Daniel Hanley
28. dmhman749
Well, fortunately, Brandon seems to write pretty fast for the size books he puts out. Unfortunately, a memory of light still needs to be written, which means its probably going to be two years+ until book two comes out.

But yes, the first book was very good, and I am looking forward to where this series goes as well.
29. SJBMusic
While I've become accustomed to Kramer's dullish reading style, I'll never like it. He seemed to get better (or I just became more numb) towards the end of RJ's works; I haven't heard any of Brandon's from him except this. As bad as the first.

Brandon's writing is a winner, though. This will occupy another full shelf in my room. As hardbacks, not audio books.

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