Jul 20 2010 9:55am

How Tor.com Is Like (And Not Like) A Two-Year-Old

Happy birthday to us!

1. FeloniousMonk
Actually, my two-year-old never poops in her pants, she uses the toilet like everyone else. However, I have no argument with the other descriptions.
Daniel Goss
2. Beren
My two-year-old is of the opinion that she rules the house and everyone in it.

Tor.Com just rules.
Mark Stein
3. slanagat
A two-year-old makes sudden loud noises.

Tor.com makes sudden insights.
4. Justin T.
Happy birthday Tor.com! Conincidentally, it's also MY birthday. I'm 29 today. I still poop my pants.
Erika A.
5. brownjawa
I think if more toddlers knew about Cthulhu, they would fear it. ;)

Happy Birthday!!
Barry T
6. blindillusion
My two year old is currently wearing Batman pajamas, cape included.

I'm sure Tor.com owns a pair as well.
Rob Klingenberger
7. rsklinge
I have nothing to contribute to this other than to say that the picture of Space-Stubby on the dragon is the best thing ever. I think it's the fangs hanging out of the dragon's mouth.

Well, that and the dual-wielding blasters, but who doesn't love doing that?
Melissa Ann Singer
8. masinger
My 2-yo spoke in paragraphs, but I have an understanding that that is not the average. It may be average in my family, or even in much of my social cohort, but it is not the general average.

That aside, this is adorable.
Evan Jensen
9. eoghanacht
Man, I love this. Great character on the 2 yr old kid. I'm always iffy about personifying machines like the rocket (or the things in Brave Little Toaster), and here's no different. But it's a cute stubby.
Miss Kai
10. wolfkit
Cthulhu is afraid of two year olds but not Tor.com?

Congratulations on reaching your terrible twonessity.
11. John E. Rocket
I too fear Cthulhu, but we are in this together. Happy birthday and thank you for being there all the while trying to piece my life together as to what and where and how to live without when cause i'm ready now.

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