Feb 11 2010 9:05am

King of an Endless Sky

David Mayeux
1. David Mayeux
Just found King of An Endless Sky today, and I love it.

This story, the artwork and imaginative creation of the technology and aliens are brilliant. Kudos to Kurt Huggins and Zelda Devon and Kudos to for hosting this.
Doc Tobin
2. thegooddoctor
i still haven't figured out what is all about, but i keep running across things like king of an endless sky which i really like.

this reminds me of the little prince, updated for a 21st century world. can't wait to read more.

The Chaos Factory
Christopher Hatton
3. Xopher
I'm loving this! The art reminds me of something/someone, but I can't think what or whom.
David Mayeux
4. Andrew Dimitt
This is altogether enchanting and genius :) Thank you for sharing this!
David Mayeux
You tell 'em, Binx.
David Mayeux
6. ZCam
I love somone with a good sense of perspective. You gotta keep your priorities straight or you end up like the guy in the crater.
Erm - make that the bits and pieces of the guy in the crater.
David Mayeux
7. Chad William Brown
I just found this comic a couple of days ago. Thanks so much Kurt and Zelda, this is amazing in so many ways. Looking forward to every Thursday!
David Mayeux
8. K a.m. C
Thank you for making this.

Beautiful, entertaining, explores the human (or maybe the better term would be sentient?) condition.

What more could you ask for?
David Mayeux
9. JC_Stormbringer
this is amazing and beautiful, remain me a little about The Little Prince. Love the take on war. You guys are very talented.
David Mayeux
10. Erick de Moraes
Fantastic =)
David Mayeux
12. Waveweaver
Shaun Tan - that's what it makes me think of (a little bit). This is fabulous and beautiful! Thanks :0)
David Mayeux
14. Sandeep _Yadav
Too slow releases. 4 pages per month! not even sufficient to follow what is going on...
Irene Gallo
15. Irene
Bravo guys!

Truly -- even though I saw these pages a bit before their pub date, I _still_ looked forward to every Thursday so I could experience them as a fan. Now rest up and then do some more!
Irene Gallo
16. Irene
Bravo guys!

Truly -- even though I saw these pages a bit before their pub date, I _still_ looked forward to every Thursday so I could experience them as a fan. Now rest up and then do some more!
David Mayeux
17. ZCam
Waaah! The End? Cruel, cruel thing. Withdrawal commences immediately. offers no hope for books to buy?
Dan Goldman
18. dangoldman
I have enjoyed this (and your other works) so very much, you guys... Please don't ever stop taking me through childlike dreams like these; I'll follow your stories wherever they're published.
Grant Newton
19. GrantNewton
Great stuff guys! These fellas adventure has been fun and I hope to see many, many more! Congrats!
David Mayeux
20. Cagliostro
Well that was a treat... truly an amazing piece of work!! I am officially a fan.
21. scepter
Loved it! Beautiful colors.
Ingrateful gerbils - I'd keep the moon too.
Kerwin Miller
23. tamyrlink

this was soooo good! plz continue it!
David Mayeux
24. scott purdy
Oh dear, it looks like I've been missing out on all the fun, until now!

What a great story, thanks very much to Kurt and Zelda and Tor for putting this little bit of genius on the web :)
David Mayeux
25. A. Zaethe
Its like Calvin and Hobbs meets Where the Wild Things Live meets a space adventure movie. I thought this was going to be silly, but it was funny and brilliant. I hope to see more work just like this!
David Mayeux
26. navintzac
Very much have to agree with A. Zaethe about the feel of it. I like it. And it is silly. I'd love to know more....
David Mayeux
27. erehwonnz24
Sad to see this end. It feels like it has so much potential for a wider story.

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