Jan 4 2010 6:20pm

Red Light Properties - Chapter 1

Dan Goldman


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David Swallow
1. David Swallow
The artwork is a nice change from usual, and I really like the navigation system. Did you put that together, or is there software to do that for you?
Dan Goldman
2. dangoldman
@David Swallow The clickthrough panel navigation is something I conceived & came to Tor with when I pitched them this serial. Initially the experience was a clunky read, but we've been working together to refine it over the last few months.

Thanks re: my art; I'm really bored by a lot of traditional "comic book" art. Nostalgia is for pussies; my biggest heroes have always been the risk-taking weirdos.
JH Williams
3. jhwilliams
this is a welcome change from all the junk that's been floating around lately. good art work, great navigation and an interesting story.
David Swallow
4. Bo0giedown
Yeah Dope.
Props to (Under)Wired for airing your content.
I like to move with the times and you're certainly up there. Kudos on the pioneering art work and navigation system.
David Swallow
5. RobvB
Awesome. Love the story, artwork, and the navigation is very cool. Love it.
David Swallow
6. Avery DeBow
Really nice format and intriguing storyline. I look forward to seeing how this develops.
David Swallow
7. votre
Superb artwork. I especially appreciated the subtlety of the color shift on your lead character's face when stoned.

...and such a brilliant navigation system. That's usually the downfall of online graphic novels. But I think you nailed it the way it's working here.

Look forward to seeing more.

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