Dec 16 2009 10:07am

The Tempest Wakens

 A harrowing, perfect storm.

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Amir Yoeli
1. Betterthenyouknew
Awesome story.
I've been a fan of these artists since they started with Kings of an Endless Sky on

Love the Artwork. would love to be at this level myself, but I am but a fledgling compared to these masters.
2. jefff
That was awesome! Gimme more!
Ethan Glasser-Camp
3. glasserc
Wow! That ending has quite a kick!

I usually inhale these long-form art pieces, but this one was really stunning! The close-up on the eyes in particular -- bravo.

Elizabeth Coleman
4. elizabethcoleman
Beautiful. It doesn't even need the words.

PS. Thanks for the scrolling vs. paginated option!
5. Quill Hyde
Oh WOW you guys just keep blowing my mind
Brady Allen
6. akabrady
And I'm screaming on the previous page With Our Bones! And I was desperately hoping that I was wrong, but alas, cliches are more abundant than fleas on a tick hound. (Yes that's a cliche, in case no one noticed.)

Seriously, I know it's a comic, but couldn't the level of writing been bumped up a notch to match the artwork?

And @ 4. The reason you didn't need the words is because they were so common your brain was shutting them out.

(And I'm only going to mention passive voice, like a flatus at work, where everyone pretends not to notice, but it still stinks.)
Jonathan Woodward
7. jwoodward75
I must confess to being pretty clueless when it comes to all things 'Cthulhu' (although I have been loving all the fantastic artwork in the Cthulhu feature this month - thanks Irene!).

However, this short comic just blew me away - pitch perfect and the artwork, WOW!

You guys really captured the power of the ocean and the octopus guy (apologies again for my ignorance :)

Your work just keeps on getting better and better - I especially love the atmospheric lighting in this one - stunning!

Looking forward to more

8. Azaroth
? Someones splashing in the bathtub ?
9. Snowy
That is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing it.
10. F√ľnkzion
Amazing artwork; shame the writing is such trite shite.
11. mkyritsi
Now I know what big waves look like! Awesome art work.
12. Chris Duffy
Reminds me a little bit of Hodgson's "Out of the Storm." (As well as "Call of Cthulhu" of course.)

Great art. The writing works well with it, I think.
14. Kamrom
Um. I may be the only one thinking this but, I dont get it. What exactly is going on in the last page that makes being mentally assaulted by an eldritch abomination, a gigantic sentient life form presumably theyve never seen before, seem quaint in comparison? Are those supposed to be smoking ruins in the distance, or something?
15. Scipio
Copy/paste what Kamrom said.
19. midgetninja
hells to the YEAH!
that shot of Cthulhu on page 4... in-frikken-credible!

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