Nov 10 2009 9:30am

My Grandmother's House


Matthew B
1. MatthewB
Such a lovely vignette, but i feel like i'm missing something. Is this part of a larger story? Does the author intend to leave me wanting?

At any rate, it's beautiful.
2. kuro
I don't know if you saw that you could navigate to the following images with the numbers under the first vignette ?

Love the mini-comic and its atmosphere.
Estara Swanberg
3. Estara
What a lovely comic. Why isn't there more info on the author and will we get more than just this one comic? We haven't had female protagonists in the tor.com comics yet, as far as I can remember.
Dave Larsen
4. ddavelarsen
I liked that, very subtle. Grandma knows more than she's letting on. :) Or remembering her own days in the sun.
Ben HM3
5. BenHM3
Very nice indeed. Reminded me of my fave part of the Animatrix, where the girl searching for her cat, ends up in the place where the rules are broken.

Makes one pine for such a place, and appreciate even more the difficulty, expense, and energy-density involved in the simulacra. (zero g flight, free-fall simulators, parachuting and bungee jumping)
6. dozr
It's a part of a graphic novel that Tor is selling. If you like it buy it.
Irene Gallo
7. Irene
#6...uhhh, actually, it isn't. It's strictly a Tor.com web publication.
8. Rachelnex
I have no idea what this is about. Could someone explain it to me, please? That cartoon doesn't really make sense to me.
Frank Hablawi
9. ParticularlyEvil
Grandma is remembering a secret place where the heavens would pull her up as a child, and now, potentially, her own grandchild is out there discovering it for himself.

Could be ominous, or sweet - it's all in the eye of the beholder.
George Walker
10. georgewalker
I absolutely loved the artwork, and Cassandra's gallery page as well. And I liked the perspective on page 3, where she's being pulled up.
But I'm with the other readers who didn't get it: for me, this is a vignette (beautifully illustrated), not a story.
11. Corey Lansdell
This is so beautiful. I love the colour treatment for this piece. I agree on the comments about it being a vignette. It feels very incomplete as a story. But the colour, feel and treatment of characters are all beautiful.

Thanks for posting.

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