Oct 15 2009 6:08pm

Lovelace and Babbage at the Museum of the History of Science

Sydney Padua

Many of our readers are no doubt familiar* with “The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage,” a series of comics by Sydney Padua featuring, well, the adventures of Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage, which has seen considerable linkage in nerd circles. We’re pleased to pass along the excellent news that a new episode of “Lovelace and Babbage” was commissioned by Oxford's Museum of the History of Science for the edition of their periodical Broad Sheet devoted to their Steampunk exhibition. The Museum and Ms. Padua were kind enough to let us reprint this rare comic so that all of you Steampunk Month enthusiasts would be sure to see it.

* If you’re not, you should proceed immediately to Sydney’s round-up of L&B episodes thus far and read them all promptly.

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Richard Fife
1. R.Fife
Oh Brunel, you silly man-cake of an engineer. Yes, I'm totally mancrushing on him, wouldn't you?
Jaymee Goh
2. Jha
For some reason, that panel where Babbage is looking all sad at what of his is on display kinda breaks my heart.

Also, Ada's hat is awesome.
Cory Gross
3. Cory Gross
LoL@"Science has created a disaster! Only science can save us now!!"
Joshua Pfeiffer
4. VernianProcess
@3... You beat me to it Cory! Oh and Brunel cameo=win!
Kristin Franseen
5. musichistorygeek
I love the steampunk gadget-infested sky!

And "'It's a monstrous perversion of nature!' 'Coool...'"

Lovely all around...the world needs more love for Ada Lovelace!!
jason fearnley
6. jasonf
I like this. Lotsy.

I'm thinking of a 'familiar' for B&L. If their crimefighting gets off the ground (which I'm hoping it does soon) they'll need a fixer, kind of an Albert to Batman and Robin, or an Igor to whatever mad scietist takes yer fancy. The only steam fixer I know of was born 150 years too soon! Let's put him back where he belongs...may I present Fred Dibnah, the ultimate steampunk Igor!
Cory Gross
7. Smallpotato
Brunel... Sextant on two feet! *drools*

Ada is made out of wit and win, as per usual, and the Mad Scientist is utterly cool.

Want to hug Babbage though. Hug him and squeeze him and call him George. *SQUEEEeeze*

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