Aug 13 2009 9:30am

King of an Endless Sky, Part 1

Here begins the new comic series from Kurt Huggins and Zelda Devon, collectively known as Teetering Bulb. King of an Endless Sky is part Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, part Windsor McCay, and part, um... gerbils. Enjoy!


Scott Murphy
2. MurphyIllustration
I really enjoyed getting a sneak peak at the pencils for this a couple weeks ago! Will definitely be following along. Keep rocking guys!
Dominick Saponaro
3. dsaponaro
This is GREAT! I Loved "The Dreaded Question". I like the idea of this one being serialized too. Congrats guys.
4. Paul_nyc
I don't get the ending. Is it a Richard Gere joke?
Gregory Manchess
5. GregManchess
Great drawing, great color...Great start, you guys! Love it....looking forward to the fun!
Kerwin Miller
6. tamyrlink
this looks interesting! cant wait for the next one.
7. SarahG
Still no gerbils... :) Can't wait, but I'll just have to! I second or third the vote to carry on!
Darko Cvijanovic
8. cvijaxo
Very Good start! Nice art and colouring too.
9. GregLambrakis
Nice work you guys! Looks great so far

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