Jul 20 2009 12:59am

2009: A Birthday Odyssey


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Gregory Manchess
1. GregManchess
This movie came out in 1966, and I missed it's first run. It came back about a year later when I had the paperback explaining how it was made. I knew everything about it, learned who Kubrick was, and read Arthur C. Clarke's novel based on the film, not the short story.

I must've seen this film about 75 times over my life. When I was 12, I used to ride my bike to downtown Cincinnati, and sit through showing after showing all day, and then go home. If I could go the next day, I'd be there. I could get in for a child's admission, since I was so short. Made it cheap.

I loved the sequence transition from prehistory to the future. I had heard so much about it...the Ultimate Jump Cut!

When I thought of Tor's birthday candle, I thought of the bone. Ape, bone, candle, logo. Seemed a natural progression.
j p
2. sps49
Didn't the 60s astronauts refer to "light(ing) this candle"?
Julien Alday
3. Julien Alday
"I loved the sequence transition from prehistory to the future. I had heard so much about it...the Ultimate Jump Cut! "

Well said, Greg ! That transition, between mankind's "first steps" and its future is certainly, at last for me, one of the greatest Jump Cut, if not THE jump Cut in movies history.

This is how, between two pictures, two separate frames, you can talk about the entire mankind evolution ! From the first "tool" to the "last one" humans used.

Sorry, I can talk about this for hours... :P

And your homage, Sir, is brilliant !
P.S: Sorry for my bad english, I'm French.
Julien Alday
4. Shane Watson
This is cool on so many different levels. Absolutely awesome transition there, Greg :o)
Gregory Manchess
5. GregManchess
I think I could talk about this for hours, too, Julien. (And I wish I could speak French!)

Thanks for the compliments, all!

Yes! "lIghting the candle!"....I forgot....that's great!

And thanks to Tor for letting me get a little goofy with their Birthday.
Patrick Nielsen Hayden
6. pnh
(Actually, the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey came out in 1968, not 1966. A distinction whose importance recedes a little with each passing year -- but back then it seemed like several lifetimes.)
Julien Alday
7. BrianH
Those transitions/jump cuts are of progressively shorter time spans, kind of reverse logarithmic. Millions, to hundreds of thousands, to thousands. What images would you use for the hundreds and the tens stages?
kirk mccosker
9. kirpid
I never understood 2001 or had the required patience for it until I was trapped indoors with a fever and tuned off the lights. It's definitely a movie that requires you to watch it with a certain meditative state of mind.

awesome board btw

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