Jun 18 2009 9:30am

The Redemption of Professor Nimbus Excerpt #2 is pleased to present the second excerpt from Michael Sloan’s forthcoming collection, The Redemption of Professor Nimbus.

In this third installment in the series following Professor Nimbus and the Amazing Spectacles (2004) and The Heresy of Professor Nimbus (2006), we discover a much-maligned Nimbus released from jail and languishing in exile in Hong Kong. A world that imprisoned him for believing in science over myth now urgently needs him to solve catastrophic global warming. Will Nimbus heed the call and help to avert an environmental crisis? The Redemption of Professor Nimbus is a 76-page paperback graphic novel in black and white, with a limited edition of 1000, numbered by the artist.

All three books are available for purchase here.


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