May 14 2009 9:30am

The Zen of Professor Nimbus: Nimbus Through the Ages

Nimbus persists (on his index page, too).

Blake Engholm
1. UncrownedKing
I am likein this guy. I retract my confusion from previous nimbus post. No longer confused, I am intrigued.
Bridget McGovern
2. BMcGovern
I like these so much, too! The Nimbus abides...
3. cdawson
About time we got some backstory--I love it.
4. Mary Jane Begin
Nimbus is Forever.
Nicholas Alcock
5. NullNix
Boyoboy he must live a seriously boring life. Endless life is hell.

(Could someone that inactive really be considered alive, or is he some sort of statuette? Perhaps he runs back to the same place whenever he sees the cartoonist peering at him.)

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