May 15 2009 9:13am

Star Drek


Rene Sears
1. rene
Beauty! Bjorg, indeed. "And if you complain once more, you meet an army of me ..." Mime meld Spock is scary.

Very nice.
Chris Whetzel
2. Chris Whetzel
This is great; now I'll be trying to think up new versions of "Kahn!" and "Captain's Log" to entertain myself while working! Thanks!
Kurt Lorey
3. Shimrod
Thanks, I needed that. What? No Redshirt reference?
Eugene Myers
5. ecmyers
These are terrific! I find the "Mime Meld" especially charming, perhaps because Spock seems to be smiling. And the use of color in this is spot on. One of these is not like the others: the Borg reference in an otherwise TOS-centric piece. But how could anyone resist an opportunity to assimilate Bjork in this fashion? I'd like to see more of these!
Irene Gallo
6. Irene
ecmayers -- you just might see more. ;-)

Adam talks about making the comic on his blog.
Paul Eisenberg
7. HelmHammerhand
btw ... the Vinyl Frontier actually exists (at least in part).

Spock it to 'em!:
Chris Whetzel
8. John S. Dykes
Brilliance, Mr. McCauley!
Chris Whetzel
As Helm said back to the vinyl frontier! Good friends of mine have a site dedicated to the musical musings of Mr. Spock.
Chris Whetzel
10. M. Sloan
Hi Adam - Terrific! I'm looking forward to seeing more. Personal favorite: Mime Meld.
Rebecca Zmarzly
11. bowlwoman
I have to say that Bjorg and Blingon cracked me up. I am apparently a sucker for alliteration.
Chris Whetzel
12. Atomic Alley
Thanks for the kind comments everyone!

I have just started an online store where you can purchase a Mime Meld coffee mug and some other things:

I hope to add more products soon. Thanks for the support, Adam McCauley

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